Flight Status Question.....


***Sorry if this question is redundant, but I’m new to the site. It is May 12, 2008 at 0915 and my Wife’s flight (JBU 123) is scheduled to leave JFK at 1305 but the status search only returns yesterdays JBU 123 flight. Is there a window in which I can only search for flight status? Thanks Folks.


Welcome Timh111

I think flightaware.com/live/airport/KJFK/scheduled will fit the bill for you for scheduled flights.

I typed in JFK in the airport code, then scrolled down and clicked on the words scheduled departure to get to the page above.

The individual airline flight number won’t show the status of a current flight until very shortly before departure.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Allen…I’ll wait till about 1100 and check again.


Just a reminder, especially if you are planning to take your wife to the airport, while it may show scheduled on Flight Aware 2 hours before departure, it may not show delayed.

Seeing how your weather is up your way, a call to the airliner may be in order as they will have more up to date status on flights and delays and you can plan your journey to the airport accordingly.


***LOL, You got it backwards Allen!! I’m in FL (gonna pick her up at MCO) and she’s leaving from JFK at 1305. I checked the weather and it’s supposed to clear up this afternoon. Thanks agin for the help :laughing:


Oh duh I did!

But to save face :blush: , there is probably a logjam of backed up traffic in NY due to the bad weather that needs to get out before hers which may cause a delay soooo, will stick by my caveat as lame as it may be. :confused:

Another good website for airport status would be

Clicking on JFK fly.faa.gov/flyfaa/usmap.jsp JFK is suffering delays.


*** 8) Just kidding Allen…I checked it seems that only arriving flights are currently being affected. The JetBlue website CURRENTLY indicates the flight as On-Time. That is always due to change though. ***