Flight not available?


I was trying to see the flight history of the flights I will be taking tomorrow and Sat the 16th, however, the flight for the 16th can’t be found. It is from JFK to MCO Delta 355. I’ve had no problem finding other flights…just this one. It makes me really nervous I feel like those things are omens or something…any help is really appreciated. :slight_smile:


Looks like you will be on the inagural flight for DL355 JFK to MCO. Delta has no status for yesterday, but it is scheduled for tomorrow. Airlines often add and subtract flight numbers as they modify schedules.

FA will not pick up the flight as “scheduled” until a bit closer to departure time, when the flightplan is sent to the FAA. If you want to get an idea of probable routing, you can use the Route Finder to get a list of other flights between the destinations.

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Edit to note that it is your return flight on the 16th that is DAL355 (not tomorrows), so they will have a few days to work out the “bugs”!


Here’s the previous routing for DAL355.