New to site, flight info question


Someone close to me had told me they were flying from NY (JFK) to Sao Paulo yesterday, November 22nd in the evening. They returned yesterday evening around 11, claiming that his flight had engine problems and had to return to JFK an hour or two into the flight.

I have reason to be suspicious, so I’d wanted to track down flight information. I assume it would be easy to look up the information but I don’t really know what I’m doing here so I’d love for someone more well acquainted with this stuff to look into it. Again, my guess at the approximate flight info:

Departure: NY (JFK)
Arrival: Sao Paulo
Date: 11/22/2012
Approx time of departure: around 5, but lets say between 3 and 7 to be safe
Status: flight turned back due to technical problems

Thank you for your help!


Knowing the actual airline would be a big help… but I only see this one between 3-7PM Nov.22,2012 … /KJFK/SBGR


Yes he was supposed to be flying TAM. So this flight did get to Sao Paulo successfully?


Well, that one did…

But, enquiring minds want to know…is FlightAware helping to solve a mystery!!!


Was that the only TAM flight that day? He says takeoff was 5:30 PM

If so yes, mystery solved.


Next time this happens, on the left panel is the ‘AIRLINE FLIGHT TRACKER’. You can click on the ‘forgot flight number’ and enter the start and end cities. That will give you a list of flights. Take it from there.