Incorrect flight information/position being shown



I was tracking American Airlines Flight 61 tonight because I just happened to see it on my ADS-B receiver flying over my house.

So, I pulled it up in Flight Aware, and it showed it an “estimated” position somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, but, the funny thing is that it had shown that the flight had already left JFK for LEBL / BCN.

According to, it was actually still flying the PHX to JFK leg, and had been delayed by 395 minutes.

I’m surprised that was showing the flight on the last leg of the trip. Where would this have been shown from?

I know my ADS-B receiver would have actually been picking up the real transmissions from the aircraft, not delayed data from the FAA which we would generally see from online tracking sites.

Thanks in advance.


Might you have meant AAL 66?
When I tried tracking AAL 61 in FA, I found KMIA-KDFW, KDFW-RJAA/NRT - no PHX, JFK, no Atlantic Ocean.


Assuming it was the Barcelona flight AA probably would not hold that aircraft for a connecting flight that was over 6 hours late.


It looks like American Airlines #66 diverted … /KSAN/KJFK

Then took off again around 5:54pm … /KPHX/KJFK

Like Porterjet said I’m sure that they did not want to hold the Barcelona flight for that arrival. So it went with the same flight number as the PHX to JFK flight. It was going over the “pond” (atlantic) so having the same flight number didn’t matter in this case. Two flight numbers operating at the same time can cause confusion, however if you notice they have two different tail numbers. … /KPHX/KJFK … /KJFK/LEBL


J’ai le même problème, j’ai programmer le vol Air Transat * 6978 hier soir, mes alertes sont là, il m’est impossible de suivre le vol :question: