Airpot code doesn't match map

I don’t know if I change anything on my copmuter using Flightaware, but for some time now, when I am tracking a flight the airport code is not on the right place on the map. Flight from JFK to ALB will show ALB below JFK and not in the right place, moving the map around will not fix it.

That is strange, I don’t know anything about that but dbaker or somebody can set you up. Welcome to FA! :smiley:

It is only on one computer, I think I moved the map around and since then I have this issue. Restarting the computer did not change a thing.

Try clearing your browser cache?

Did JFK appear in the correct place, and the label for ALB was not where that airport is? Were the points in the right place and the label in the wrong place? Do you have a link for that particular flight?

HA! I was just about to ask if he had a link to the flight. :smiley: