Lost airports.


The departure and arrival fixes are mislocated on the map and I’m not sure why. Help out there?


What airports are you referring to? Which charts (not maps, those are for automobile drivers)? Now I’m lost! :unamused:


When viewing a recent flight track for an aircraft that I fly, the departure airport, KAUS, appears somewhere over N. Dakota and the destination airport, KTEB. appears over the Atlanlic Ocean.


And what a/c would that be?


Citation 175J


Taking a wag (in the air now) after gandering at the last 300 flights out of KAUS (Control F/Find is wonderful…)


Display looks perfectly normal on this particular flight.


May want to provide the “tail number” siimlar to my last post. This would be most helpful to the support folks.

I guessed on my prior post based on route looking at the departures of KAUS.


This sounds like a problem on your computer.
PC or Mac?

KAUS and KTEB were correctly located for the 4 flights I checked:
flightaware.com/live/flight/N675 … /KAUS/KTEB
flightaware.com/live/flight/N175 … /KAUS/KTEB (is this the flight you are talking about?)
flightaware.com/live/flight/N293 … /KAUS/KTEB
flightaware.com/live/flight/N747 … /KAUS/KTEB

Edit: Saw your posting confirming it was N175J and not N675BP.


Ooops, I guess he did provide tail number. :blush:

Sorry Monte60 - misunderstood on my part!


It is a problem with my computer as I have encountered this before and tech support had me update something that I thought was Adobe. Did that, same result. Am working with Collin at tech support now. THX.


Thank you jhwenger, my ATP certificate probably reads as yours ?. Was a web browser problem and the problem was solved with a Firefox download. Don’t know why, it is what it is.


You mean, the airport is abandoned? :astonished: