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Can not fix location? Why did it change?

Setup my Pi two nights ago. Everything worked great! Initial location was within about 20 miles. Used the webpage to refine my location to KACV as it’s just a few miles away.

Checked my stats tonight and now it thinks I’m in eastern Massachusetts!? Tried to “re update” my location and it seems to be stuck?

Tried the other side of the page to manually fix my position and that also seems non-functional.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Why did it glitch me from one coast to the other?

Well, for whatever reason, FlightAware has moved me to central Oregon. Now when I click the “nearest airport” link, I can select one of about 8 different airports. The closest being KRDD which is about 90miles east of here.

I know FlightAware “guesses” where you located initially based on the aircraft you’re tracking, but why did it “undo” it’s self in the first place and how do I get it back to KACV?


And for whatever reason, it “found its location”. Didn’t do anything on my end other than select KACV once the little map symbol near my house. Weird

The location of my Pi also keeps jumping on the map although the selected airport stays the same. I read in some other thread that this is a known bug.

Yes, this is a bug, we’re working on it!

Out of curiosity, are you selecting ‘precision on coverage map’ as 10 km, 1 km or exact? Might be a clue.