Flights Missing from top half of screen


I am normally looking at flights around KICT, but today the flight tracks to the north of the airport are missing.

If I type in the airport KEWK (which is 30 miles north of ICT), the flight tracks are showing!

Any explanations?



Sounds like the Kansas Triangle to me! :smiley:


Apart from a lame joke about the People of the South Wind blowing the aircraft away from the top of the map, I suspect that there may be an error in the way the map boundries are defined for ICT when the mapper is selecting aircraft to display.

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Did you just notice this effect (I assume you have looked at ICT before being a Jayhawk fan and comparing the output with Newton) or has it been happing for a while?


First and foremost, I think I might have noticed this effect last Monday. I have checked out other airports in the area and KIAB has the same effect. However, both KBEC and KAAO are working fine! I have noticed though in the last week or so, the lack of refreshing although now I have the radar set on KAAO it seems to refresh properly. Maybe the lack of refreshing is somehow related to KICT and KIAB’s lack of tracks?

I usually have the radar screen up and running all day on one of my computers as I know what I’m looking for in the skies and if I see something interesting I am outside with my telescope looking for it. I keep it on KICT as that is the more active airport in my area.

As for the rest of your comments, thanks for the welcome and I look forward to receiving the prize for lurker of the year! :slight_smile:

I have been extremely happy with Flightaware (the best thing since sliced bread) and have been patient with waiting for any updates. I hope my lack of posting here is not seen as unsociable, I do read most of the posts on here and find most of them informative and some of them silly.

Finally, ahem… I support the Iowa Hawkeyes and Denver Broncos! :smiley:


I ment no disrespect for lurking of course Assumed your user name refered to Univ of Kansas. Can see your love of the Broncos (Den is one of my favorite cities) but as a Buckeye alum, must say bah! to the Hawkeyes!


No worries, I can see now where the confusion comes in - on another forum someone thought I was from Kentucky! When I moved here 20 years ago, I thought it would make things easier if I supported the same teams as my wife, as I knew nothing about American football. For future reference the uk stands for United Kingdom :smiley:

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For future reference the uk stands for United Kingdom :smiley:

I’d have known that! You write with quite a British accent. Midlands, if I’m not mistaken. :smiley:


Ah, you’re daft! He’s obviously Cornish. :wink:


Have noticed the same symptom while tracking today that many flights are not showingh on the radaras of late. I have looked up EWR(my home airport) and at least a good 2 thirds of flights in the area are missing


What you notice is probably intentional. FA drops flight labels that would overly another plane icon or label in order to maintain screen legibility.




What you notice is probably intentional. FA drops flight labels that would overly another plane icon or label in order to maintain screen legibility.

So… how does that affect us Kansans again??? Well… us Kansans and those who may be from the United Kingdom who now claim KS as their home.


Naw, I’m gonna stick with Midlands. Ukguy’s style isn’t Cornish – not enough beef or game hen to his writings.


Jreeves–we DO have some things in common!! I’m not an OSU alum, but I was born and raised in C-bus (lived right across Sawmill Rd. from KOSU), and I’m more loyal to the Buckeyes than a lot of folks who DID attend The Ohio State University (and that’s saying something!). GO BUCKS!!

I don’t know why it took me 5 days to catch this! :smiley:


I shall say it again… GO BUCKS

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Indeed- Go bucks, and (just to churn things up a bit) how 'bout a rousing chorus of Screw Blue!