Map has wrong flight totals


Today at KUOX, the arrivals list had 3 aircraft that were en route, while the map only listed 2. If a screen shot of this would be helpful, I can try to post the image I saved.



If you notice this again, click on some of the flights that could be missing. If any of them say “no recent position” then they won’t be displayed on the map.

I’ve also noticed this (espically at airports with lots of overwater flights), and I’ve opened a ticket for it in our bug tracking system (open to the public at


Were you able to determine based on the map and list of en-route flights which one wasn’t being displayed? That could be helpful. As mduell said, we’ve got a ticket open and are looking into it; we’ve heard other reports and know some instances where it can happen but mostly it should be consistent.


the aircraft was N550TW and it’s a C550 from SHV to UOX.