Glitch in the system somewhere?

Can one of the admins explain what is going on here? … I/tracklog


I appreciate that it is outside of the US area for the most part, but if you look at the previous KAL82 track logs they are all consistent with posreps until around central Canada where they ‘drop’ off until the oceanic report on HF with Gander on 8891 usually at 75 or 80N. What is/was going on with tonights flight with the repeated reports on the same position and the up and down flight levels?? :open_mouth: The flight did fly as normal because I heard it on 8891 at the transoceanic report at 80N101W in the track log. But why no track log out of JFK for the first 5 hours of its flight? :confused:

Strange, looks like bad data out of Anchorage. Possibly a typo’d flight number.