Please provide your thoughts to help me


I enjoy this web site and the flight community, and extend warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and good holiday season.

On Thanksgiving week, 2007, I used this web site to track the general amount of delayed flights into and out of the New York City airports. I recall that I typed in the airport code, chose a time frame from 4 hour time blocks, and then all of the commercial flights going out or coming in that were scheduled would be shown-- they would be color coded to demonstrate something being late, it would tell how late it is, etc.

This year I can’t seem to figure out how to do this- I only see the list of flights and the time they left, not the times that they were scheduled, and not with information that allows me to intelligently tell my sister “Estee, in the last 3 hours JFK’s on-time departures has risen 55% since this morning!”

Please, if you know how I could go about seeing the information that would allow me to be the hero to my sister, and be the all-knowing person who can look at a screen and tell how the airport is doing during time blocks, please, let me know. If you’d like, my direct email is

Regards from the outgoing flightpath of JFK,
Joel Feuer

I don’t think this website has ever done that.