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I don’t know if it was just an anomaly or what but last month my daughter was on a United Airlines flight from Mexico City to Washington, DC. I tracked her flight. I watched her leave Mexico City, fly across the gulf, skirt by New Orleans and start going over Atlanta GA. All of a sudden I get an email from her saying her flight has been delayed and she’s still in Mexico. At this point I’m totally bumfuzzled so I figured I’d follow that phantom flight. Before long, right about the time it ‘would’ be landing, the Flight Aware says the flight is delayed. Still in Mexico. So I figured the whole thing was just running off a computer program that didn’t get the message? Never had a problem otherwise with the sight. I really do love it. Are some just ‘programmed’?

No. Can you provide information like the flight number and date?

The flight was on December 6 of 2012. It was United 822. As I said, I started tracking her at departure time. I followed it along as it traversed the Gulf of Mexico. Then later on it was passing by New Orleans. Then when I checked, it showed it going by Atalanta Georgia. At that point I got a email from my daughter telling me she was still in Mexico City. About that time Flight Aware started showing it as delayed. My daughter said a guy in the airport with her was seeing the same thing on his laptop that I had been seeing. Eventually, several hours or more later, it showed it when it actually took to the sky. The second edition of flight 822 tracked fine.
In the grand scheme of life this is only a speck of dust on a beach. It just had me wondering if a computer program just doesn’t kick in at a predetermined time but after looking at the Q&A I see the flights are indeed real time. Okay. No biggie. I was just wondering what may have taken place with that particular flight. Thanks…