Question about US Airways Flight #31

Hi everyone, I’m new here! :smiley:

I’m sure your answer will be a simple explanation, but I just have to ask! My daughter woke up yesterday very upset and wanted to know what US 31 was. My husband thought it might be something military, but she couldn’t shake the feeling and then came to the computer and looked it up and the first thing she saw was US Airways Flight #31. She became very upset and insisted that I call and check on the flight as it had not left yet. I felt very awkward to say the least, but the lady I spoke with took down the information and then told me the flight was made from Kahului to Sky Harbor in Arizona every day and that it would be checked as part of their regular routine.

Of course I understand that they make the flight every day, but my daughter doesn’t dream about a US 31 - ever and then to feel such uneasiness . . .

Anyway, I checked the flight today and was relieved to see that it had indeed landed in Phoenix, but then when I checked the graph, I saw something different from the graphs of the previous days. Usually they keep making a slow descent, but on this flight at 9:50 they were at an altitude of 11,900 and then in the next minute, they went up to 25,000 and then the next minute went down to 10,000 and then everything seemed to be okay.

What would have made the flight do that - especially in viewing the same flight pattern the other days?

I’m glad they were safe, but it still is a little unnerving when I keep going back to my daughter’s insistence that something didn’t feel right about that flight.

Also wondering, is there any information about the airplane itself? Is it a passenger or cargo and who might have been the pilot when this happened?

Those departures from altitude you saw were simple anomalies in the radar reception. Such gains and losses in altitude in one minute are physically impossible for this aircraft to experience and survive.

Thank you for letting me know. It did give me a start though when I couldn’t find the same pattern any of the other days.

Could “US 31” be US Route 31?

Funny you should mention that. I saw there was a Hwy. 31 too and when I clicked to view the images, I couldn’t believe the accidents that were shown. I also noticed they are doing some type of construction on it. It’s just really strange that nearly the first thing she said was asking what US 31 was and just couldn’t calm down about it. She said she kept hearing US 31 over and over. I just don’t understand it, but it’s one of those things that makes you sit up and take notice.

Does anyone you know have car travel plans along or across that route in the near future?

Could also be half of a game score, as in:

Horrible Bug-Eyed Alien Invaders - 6,697,254,041

US - 31

Just curious, how old is your daughter?

To entertain myself I googled meaning of a dream - us 31 and came up with (among the millions of other hits) (note the bottom "dreams encyclopedia)

Is she expecting a detour in her life? :slight_smile:

LOL @ the alien game! :laughing:

No one that I know is going to be traveling that road, but that is a thought!

Her age is 17 and I didn’t mention it to her . . . (strange looks now) but that is the age I was when I started having strange dreams that felt really “too real” and when it was like that . . . they came true. My Mom and Grandmother were like that too.

Don’t ask me . . . I know it sounds weird . . . and I wouldn’t believe it myself - only I’ve experienced the same thing.

Okay . . . I’ll go back and sit in the corner now . . . :unamused: