'Untagged' green lines

Something just flew over 30k+ which I couldn’t make out.
I can see the green line on the map which fits its position, but there is no flight ID associated.

Any way to find out what it is/was ?

Keep watching the map and it should eventually show up. This happens alot. What map are you looking at?

Right now it’s on flightaware.com/live/airport/KEAT , the track above JAL6012. I’ve followed it KCLM then KBLI but no info, should show on KGEG next.

I checked several airports around the nation, including a few that have a lot of business jets using them (e.g. TEB, XNA, VNY, and HPN). Even in areas where there was plenty of room for the ID block, the ID block was missing.

These are, as far as I can tell, aircraft that are blocked from being tracked.

That makes it even more intriguing :slight_smile: . It’s passed KCOE now so I’m giving up ! The two tagged tracks closest are both B744 and this was a twin, but I suppose it’s possible the flight plan is wrong. My first impression was a 777 and JAL6012 is not a regular number, so you see where I’m going with this ? :smiley:

It is a “regular” flight number for JAL. Here’s the full details from the current JAL Cargo timetable:

JAL6012: Operates weekly on Mondays
Depart Tokyo 2125
Arrive Chicago 18:55 (Monday - due to International Date Line, arrives same day it departs)
Depart Chicago 21:20
Arrive New York 0035 (Tuesday)

The flight number changes to JAL6011 in New York:
Depart New York 02:45 Tuesdays
Arrive Anchorage 06:00
Depart Anchorage 06:50
Arrive Tokyo 07:00 (Wednesday - due to the International Date Line, it arrives a day later)

According to the flight history, it appears it was scheduled to stop at Anchorage today. However, it looks like it’s going nonstop from Tokyo to Chicago as usual.

I don’t see where you’re going with this. Check airports further south of the path, sometimes they show up on those but not the ones closest.

I did do that for the untagged one - I checked YKM, PSC, and MWH but it was still the same - it remained untagged.

Not sure if my eyes would be good enough to discern between 17,500 and 30.000 looking up at a jet flying overhead…

Could it be a VFR jet just below Class A airspace???

The Victoria BC area sits under 3 busy air routes: Asia to Eastern US, Europe to West Coast US and Alaska to SEA and beyond. Not boasting, but I’m familiar with the tracks, the kind of planes using them and the normal altitudes. Thanks to FA I can even make a guess as to the actual flight number at times :stuck_out_tongue: .

My ‘mystery’ yesterday was (90% probability) a 777 predominantly white; although it could have been a 747 with both outboards shut down :smiley: .

Dave’s probably right that it was blocked, which only makes me even more curious. Oh well.

I agree Pat206, I can tell alot of plane flying over as I get a lot of arriving traffic into SEA, euro flight going into SFO/LAX, GEG-PDX, military tankers and transports doing their thing, etc…

What do you think the all white mystery 777 is?

I think it might have been this: flightaware.com/live/flight/CPA8 … K/tracklog which seems about the right time and place (and airplane and color !). Don’t know why it wouldn’t be tagged though.

The software decides if there is enough room to display a data tag without overlapping any other elements. Blocked flights will not be displayed on maps at all.

Ah, 'splains it then. JAL6012 and KAL85 were both very close and paralleling. Case closed :wink: