Individual Airport Schedules


I noticed that on individual airport schedules (KAVP, KLGA, ) that I’ve looked at that some of the arrivals of departures I click on say they arrived several days ago, and one from Pearson into LGA showed its flight track for just a little distance, then ended. It shows a flight time of about 13 minutes which I am guessing is when the green line ends. Are these individual airport schedules updated at regular intervals and show live data, or are they from several days past? Thanks.


They are live while they are happening (with a six minute delay) and archived after the flight. Most flight track’s pick up when the flight is handed onto a radar controller or center controller and drop off when they are handed off to local controllers. The pilot may have also cancelled IFR early.

At the top of this page there is a search feature which will provide answers to most of your questions.

Can you provide a link to the flight in question?


Thanks for your help, I’m still new here. The flights in question seem to be off the list now, but your answer that they may have changed IFR to VFR makes sense since they seem to have been interrupted - the green course line just ends, and the route field shows only a few of the fixes, and the flight time is a fraction of what it should be.
However, I did find another strange one - it is listed under “Scheduled Departures” as “To Lancaster” leaving at 6:46 to arrive at 7:52, but when I click on the flight number for details, it says Danbury to Scranton at times of 3:36 dep and arr of 4:38. Here’s the link: Thanks again, and I’ll be sure to check out those questions you mentioned. Regards, Tom


N29296 hasn’t departed yet for Lancaster, so we’re showing the last flight. Once it’s in the air, it will appear on the Departures board and when you click on it it will show the Scranton->Lancaster flight.
The future flight to Lancaster is listed on the page for N29296 page in the Activity Log.