Going to be flying to sarasota, during July. How do you guys like Airtran? I know its one of the cheaper airlines, are they all okay though?

How is it to fly in the B717?


You know they used to be called ValuJet right?

Nothing to worry about.


I have flown Airtran numerous times, and had never had problems, other than trying to get through ATL during that big flood they had last year. Even though it was a weather delay, Airtran still made it right and gave us vouchers. The aircraft are all newer, with XM in the seats. Just because they were formed out of the remains of Valujet, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly them. That Valuejet crash could have occured to any airline, as they all were all doing the same thing years ago.


Way to paint a picture rob. Damn I got chills after that one!


If that bothers you, then you must be one step away from Rain Man. Nearly every major airline in existence has had a crash, they happen. So unless you will only fly Southwest or Qantas, you will just have to accept that.


Thank you captain obvious


As many of you know, America West purchased US Airways but took the name of the latter as the airline’s name due to better name recognition.

In a similar fashion but for a different reason, ValuJet (only one “e”) purchased AirTran and took the name of the later. The reason was not better name recognition but to help erase the name of ValuJet due to the 1996 crash of ValuJet 592 in the Everglades. (Actually, if you want to be technical, the holding company of ValuJet purchased the holding company of AirTran.)


Remember it’s QANTAS that has never had an accident.

I think AirTran sucks, but that is my completely biased opinion.

Also, it’s AirTran Airways, not AirTran Airlines.


to get technical , Southwest had that Seven Three go through the wall at MDW onto Central Ave, which caused a fatality in a car.


SWA ran into a gas station at BUR too. But to be fair, Qantas ran off the end of the runway once as well.


SWA has never had an accident that has killed passengers. Its only fatality was that person mentioned in the MDW crash.


So technically, they’ve killed a passenger, just not one of their passengers. I wonder, between the two evils, which an airline would rather have?


I have never had a problem with Airtran and have flown them dozens of times.

Their 717’s are fairly new and nice inside, but the legroom is a bit tight on some of them (the ones that used to belong to TWA).

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I fly Airtran out fo BBG occassionally since the start of ops here in this area. No Complaints…other than the FA never gives me her number…damnit! And here I thought I was a chick magnet!. :wink:


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Maybe she don’t know the password… I’m not sure about some of the FA’s… They might know Beech’s password?


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