Airline/Plane list

I thought it would be neat to see what a variety of airline and airliners people have flown throught the years. :slight_smile:
Heres mine.

Air Tran-Dc9-32, B717, CRJ(during the days of Airtran Jetconnect).

American-Md-83, B738, Erd

Delta-FRJ, CRJ, EMB-120, L-1011 :slight_smile: , B727, B738, B764, B757, MD-88.


Southwest-733(not really sure).

Usairways-Jetstream 41, Beechcraft 1900D, Fokker 100, Md-80(can’t remember if i have or not). SAAB 340, CRJ, CR7, CR9, Dash 8-100 and 300, ERJ-145, ERJ-170, ERJ-175, B733, B734, B757-200, A333, A321, A320, A319.


Delta, TWA, Continental, SWA, NWA, US Scare, Ailatalia(sp?) (Italian airlines), American, Aloha airlines, Hawaiian arlines.


Boeing 777, 767, 747, 737, 727, Dash 8, various RJ’s, DC10, L1011. MD80


jet blue A320
continental B757-300

didnt really pay attention to aircraft types until about a year ago.

Air Hawaii (the commuter one): Cessna 402
Air Molokai: C47 (DC-3)/Cessna 402
Alaska: B737-400/DC-9-82
Aloha: B737-100/B737-200
Aloha (Aloha Island Air): DHC-6-300
America West: B737-200
American: B727-200/DC-10-10/B737-200/B737-100/DC-9-82
American Eagle (Wings West) Metro
Braniff: B727-200/B747-100
Continental: B727-200/DC-10-10
Delta: B727-200/L-1011
Eastern: DC-9-30/B727-100/B727-200
Golden West: DHC-6-200, SH330
Hawaii Express: DC-10-10
Hawaiian: DC-9-50/SH330/DC-9-30
Hughes AirWest: DC-9-10/F27
JetBlue: A320
National (the first one): B727-200/DC-10-10
Northwest:: B727-200/B747-100
OK Air (a commuter in Hawaii): Cessna 402
Ozark (the first one): DC-9-30
Pacific East Air (aka Sea and Sun): DC-8-62
Pan American (the first one): B747-100/B707-320
PSA: DC-9-82
Sierra Pacific: B737-200
Southern: DC-9-10
Southwest: B737-200/B737-300/B737-500/B737-700
TWA: L-1011/B727-100
United: B737-200/DC-10-10/B737-300/B747-100/B727-100/B727-200/DC-8-62/DC-8-61
United Connection (Skywest Airlines): EMB120
Western: B720/B727-200/DC-10-10
Winair: B737-200
World: DC-10-30

(These are the flights I have logged. Additional flights, taken on flights either to or from Germany (my dad was in the Army and assigned to Germany three times) include a Trans Caribbean DC-8-60, Delta Convair 880, and either a Pan Am or TWA Constellation and possibly a DC-6 of Pan Am used on the IGS (Internal Germany Service) on a flight to Berlin.

Northwest, (Pre-NWA)Republic, United, Delta, American, SAS, Aeroflot

340B, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, A300, A319, A320, CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, DC9, DC10, E135, E145, F28, IL62, IL96, L1011, MD80, RJ85A, TU154

Obviously, the Ilyushins and the Tupolev were treats. The 340B was not.

I’m probably leaving out a few, but here are the ones I can remember…

TWA, NY Air, Pan Am, Eastern, Republic, Delta, American, US Airways, Alaska, ValuJet, Continental, United, Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Lan Ecuador, Taca, TAME

707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, L-1011, DC-9, MD-80, MD-88, MD-90, A319, A320, CRJ-100, CRJ-200, ERJ-145, Nord 262, ATR-72, Dornier 328 (Prop)
(Note: never been on a DC-8 or DC-10)

Its impossible for me to remember all 41 years so i’ll work from the past 25 years.

Pan Am
People Express
America West
US Airways
Midwest Express
Aer Lingus
British Airways
Air New Zealand
Shuttle America
Air France
Probably more I’ve forgotten. So many little overseas ones that are here today gone tomorrow.

717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, L1011, DC 10, MD11, DC-9, MD-80, 83, 88, 90, CRJ-100, 200, 300, EMB-120, 135, 145, 175, 190, A-318, 319, 320, 321, A300, A330
I left out many of the variants as bandwith needs of others are important too. :laughing:

Wonder if anyone on here had the pleasure of flying a DC-3, or the later Martins and Convairs, on each of the 50’s domestic local-service airlines.

Allegheny, Bonanza, Central, Frontier, Lake Central, Mohawk, North Central, Ozark, Pacific, Piedmont, Southern, Trans Texas, and West Coast.

I don’t recall being on Bonanza, Central, Pacific, or West Coast, but the rest, yes, and I think I had occasion to use, or come close to using my barf bag on all, or nearly all of the flights! Oh the joys!

MD80 - NW, AA, US, NK, DL
A319 - NW, UA, F9
A320 - NW
A330 - Aer Lingus
B717 - FL
B722 - NW, US
B732 - DL
B733 - UA
B734 - US
B735 - UA, CO
B737 - WN
B738 - AA, CO
B752 - NW
B753 - NW
B762 - DL
B763 - DL, UA
DC10 - NW
E120 - CO Express, DL (comair)
CRJ2 - UA (skywest), DL (comair), NW (Pinnacle)
CRJ7 - UA (Skywest)
CRJ9 - US (Mesa)
L101 - TZ
Saab 340 - NW (Mesaba)

I have flown on a bunch of airlines, Aerolineas Argentina, LAN, Iberia, British Airways, Air France, American, Delta, Northwest, Eastern, TWA, Southwest, Jet Blue, Iberia, Aerolineas, US Airways, America West, Continental.

I also have flown on a DC-3 before. It was from either Soldotna or Kenai Alaska to Anchorage back in '98 or '99. I am currently researching to figure out what airline, etc. It was REALLY cool though. Very weird to get in and walk down hill to your seat and to be angled upwards as you taxi. … id=0431787

I’m pretty sure that was the bird.

Let’s see if I can remember all of it, these go back as far as 30 years…
Allegheny (USAirways Express)- Dash 8 (30 pax)
America West- A319, 320, 757
American- 727-100/200
Delta- 737-200/300, MD-90
Hughes AirWest- 727
Skywest (United Express)- CRJ-700
Southwest- 737-300/500/700
TWA- 727-200, MD-80, DC-9-10
USAirways- 737-300/400, 757-200
United- 737-300/500, Ted’s A320, 727-100/200, 767-200
Western- 737-200, 727-200 (I still have the Western Wings!!)
Wings West (USAir express)- Jetstream (my toe still hurts from hitting the spar)
And a Cessna 207…some Grand Canyon tour with 28 kt gusts…closest I ever came to reaching for the barf bag, but never happened :smiley:

TED (part of united)

Fokker (with American)
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 757-300
Embraer 145
Embraer 140
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-500
SAAB 340
BOEING 727?? (its possible)

I can’t possibly recall a complete list of aircraft and airlines I’ve frequented over the years, but a few of the more memorable ones were:

Provincetown Boston Airline, known for their leaky DC-3s.

Air America for some thrilling C-46 rides.

Aeroflot and the never to be forgotten Antonov AN-2 biplane. This might be the very one I rode in! (J wants to buy a plane, I’m holding out for one of these!)

Several domestic Chinese carriers when we were there a few years ago. Not that they were anything special, but each was memorable (for good or ill) in their own way.

TWA for their incomparable cabin staff.

Chalk’s Airways for taking me to some of my favorite places on earth. (RIP)

World Airways for putting me in harm’s way.

So many of the airlines I’ve flown no longer exist. PanAm, Eastern, Allegheny, Braniff, Sabena, TEA, BOAC, Swissair, KLM, TAA, BWIA, Air Florida, etc., etc.

thanks to Usairways Dominance at clt iv been on most of Us airways fleet…excluding the 767-200 which i almost could have been on a flight from clt-mco and few years ago but my mom booked the flight one hour later (operated by a 757-200). The plane was taking off the route a few months later :angry: .

Air Canada: Vickers Viscount, L1011, DC-8, DC-9, B727, B767, A319, A320

JAZZ: DHC8-100, DHC7-300, CRJ-200, CRJ-900, E-170, E-190

Air Atlantic: BA-146, BA-41, DHC8-100, F-28

Air Creebec: DHC8-100, HS-748, E-110, Beech 1900

Air Nova: BA-146, DHC8-100

Air Ontario: DHC8-300

Jetsgo: DC-9

Canjet: B737

Air Jamaica: DC-8

Family: Uncle VP Eastern, Uncle Pilot Air Canada, Aunt Stewardess United, Uncle Pilot Bell Helicopters, Grand Father Sgt. RCAF, Cousin VP First Air

edit: 8’s for 7’s on the DHC’s

American/American eagle, Chautauqua airlines
Delta/delta connection
Continental/continental connection
Northwest/pinnacle, Mesaba etc.
Us Air, us air express, etc…
Ryan International
Kuwait Air
Gulf air
British airways
Hooters air
Midway airlines
simmons airlines
Transmeridian Airlines
Jet blue
as far as a/c…crj-200,700, Md-80-83-87, DC 10, 757,777,767,747,727,737,A340,A320,A330,A319,Fokker, ERJ 135,140,145, 190, Saab 340,DC-9 (thats what i can think of for now)

First Choice:
Gatwick: B757-200, B767-300, A320
Stansted: A321

Gatwick: A320, A321, A330, B767-200

Luton: B757, B767-200, B737-300, B737-500, B737-800

Air Europa:
Norwich: B737-300 (saw the cockpit in mid flight on way to tenerife, great show that was!!)

Norwich: Dash8-Q400

Gatwick: DC-10, A320

Heathrow: B777-200

KLM Cityhopper:
Norwich: Fokker 50, Fokker 70

I did fly on a L1011 back in 1999 can’t remember who it was with though as it was flying on behalf of another airline


B 738 Medium Range Routes
Airbus A340 Long Range { London}
Bombardier Dash 8 TAB-POS

Caribbean Airlines

Boeing 737-800
Dash 8 Aircraft