Airlines' Aircraft Acquisitions/Retirements/Swaps Thread

I thought I’d start a new thread regarding the airlines’ buying/selling/retiring their fleets.
What do they have on order?
What & when do they plan on retiring certain planes or types?
Where are they getting their a/c from, if not new from the factory?
Who actually owns the a/c and who are they leasing to? etc etc etc.

I thought of this earlier today when I saw Sun Country fly in from KMSP with an ex-Aloha 737-700. Aloha’s livery still on it for the most part, but it now says Sun Country, of course. I was wondering when they started getting those planes. And who else might be getting them? As well as Skybus’s old planes? etc etc…

HERE’S A PIC of the plane I saw today. Forgive me if it isn’t all that great, as it was taken from a pretty fair distance.

Southwest get’s their 737-700’s from Boeing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s one of the newest to roll off the Renton line. This is how they look when I mix it up with 'em…

Photo credit Drewski2112 on Flickr

hmmm…i saw that plane in BNA last week but not in thaose colors

Dude, where are the orange hubcaps?!?

We used to get great information about upcoming deliveries from Boeing but that source decided to start charging in British currency for the information. Is there other place to get the delivery information now.

You can get a fair amount of this type of information free from Boeing’s website:


I believe these are run by RobK The info is always accurate when I check the test flights that I see.

Name that airline… new Boeings:

Credit: Drewski2112

The Daily Double:

Credit: planephotoman <<<---- one of the best on Flickr @ PDX

The 737NG is Delta and the “Triple” is Qatar Airways

The judges have asked that you be more specific on the 737 model. :stuck_out_tongue:

737-700 (much to americanairdude’s dismay)…And I didn’t even know Delta was getting any. I thought they were strictly -800’s.
So what about Sun Country? Anyone know how many more ex-Aloha’s they are getting?

So what does he win, Bob?

You both win the admiration of your Flightaware peers. Good job!

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So in other words…the “boobie prize”… :unamused:

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