Ex United 737-500 at KSHV


Watched for about an hour today of an ex United 737-.500 doing touch and go’s here at KSHV. It has the grey/blue paint scheme, but the tail is painted that sorta looks like Southwest’s scheme, but the stripes were all bright red. No name found anywhere on this bird and it doesn’t look like they filed a plan because I can’t find their flight on here anywhere. We do have a Sun Country 738 coming in later this afternoon, but this wasn’t their aircraft.

These guys were clearly doing pattern work today. But, I don’t know who the hell these guys are.


Here at SPI, we used to have an ex Lauda 737-600 shoot MULTIPLE approaches several days a week. I’m not at the airport as much anymore so don’t know if he still shows up, but it may be the same situation.
Someone else may be able to help w/ the name of the company, but I was told it was a private company that trained Navy pilots.
This was back about 3 years ago or so, so I’m not sure if this particular company is still under the contract or if someone else took it over, but it might be the same operation. As the only international airliners I can remember being seen here were a BA Concorde, and the Sultan of Brunei’s A330, it was pretty cool seing a Lauda painted (everything except the titles) shooting multiple approaches here.



Get the N# and do a search…that will tell you who it is…then let all of us know :wink:


Yeah, if I see these guys again I will do that. Where I was sitting I couldn’t see the reg number very well. Need to throw the spot scope in the Tahoe next time.

I will say this, it looks like they were having fun because they were doing very steep, sinking turns coming off of downwind turning base, then final.