This is my first post on Flight Aware…glad to be here! I noticed a strange tail on the ramp yesterday as I was pulling into the employee lot, turns out to be 747-100 Kalitta. Heard a rumor that it will be a daily thing now. Anybody know why


The Kalitta schedule is available at kalittaair.com/
If I was to guess, I’d say it’s flying for FedEx because of all the flights it’s making to MEM.

There’s a HP facility near SMF - maybe it’s carrying parts for HP stuff in preparation for Christmas. (Fedex, I believe, has warehouses for its customers to store stuff.)


Interesting if they make it daily. Looks like it ferried in from Oscoda and flew out to MEM via DEN this morning. I’d be curious to see what happens. We had a spat of Kalitta birds out at MHR a couple of months ago coming out of Travis. It was nice seeing something different. Mather gets quite a few big cargo birds on that contract. In the past 3 months, I’ve seen Evergreen, Atlas & Kalitta 747s in addition to a couple Gemini DC-10s. Boeing also had their short field B738 testing out here for a couple of days. I drive by MHR every day on the way to/from work, so it’s nice to be able to check out the action. As a matter of fact, Evergreen flew a 747 in last night, so I need to make a photo stop on the way home :slight_smile:



Evergreen 747 taking off from CHS last week.
Musta been heavy.