Great Spotting in south MS

The past couple of days here at my house have been good for spotting. Yesterday afternoon I spotted this flight right over my house. This is only the 2nd 747 that I have ever seen fly over my neck of the woods. I checked flightaware and the altitude at the time was 38,000ft, but it looked quite a bit lower. This morning while getting ready to mow, I hear a very loud roar from the sky. I look up and spot 8 fighter jets following a jet tanker with one hooked up to the gas hose. These are both rare sights for this part of rural MS.


Cool, we’ve been trying to spot a 747 as well here. From my tracking research, not many regular routes come close but we’re lucky that at times the cargo traffic out of LCK goes right over here at fairly low altitudes (we’re 80 miles out). So far every time one has gone over we’ve had cloud cover, but you could sure hear it! We also get some FDX DC-10’s going over at night that make quite a rumble.