Monarch to California


Had an interesting visitor here in KSAN on Friday as I was making my trip up to KSMF.

Monarch 8651 made the cross Atlantic then the cross country flight to SD. Nice looking bird, it was definitely interesting to see.


Originated at RAF Brize Norton with a stop at Pease AFB. Is the RAF doing something in Sandy Eggo?

John in Saudi


The RAF gents must be here doing something. Landed back at KSAN last night and the Monach 757 is still in the general parking area. Gives me an excuse to fly the legs in FSX now. :laughing:


Not to get too “tin foil” hat on everybody but… could this be connected with the strange missile sighting yesterday? … d=12097155


Strange… Seems interesting that everyone is pulling the “it wasn’t us” deal and then the FAA says there were no aircraft on the radar replay.


Now somebody is saying it is just a contrail and it was the angle that made it look funny.


One FA poster has this theory… … hp?t=12369


I also caught an “out of place” Monarch flight while listening to channel 9 aboard UAL533 IAD-DEN on the night of 11/5. Thought it was a bit strange to hear the callsign since we were in Chicago Center’s airspace at the time. I noted it as MON650P. … /KSAN/KPSM