Saudi 747SP to LAX 7/20

Heads up down there !

I think I’ve mentioned this before here but whatever.

I was in LEX and a Saudi 747SP came in, dropped off 4 people, they had 6 limo Escalades, and then a crew took right back off for Riyadh, empty, because they were staying for more than 3 days. They came in to buy a horse, and several thousand gallons of Jet-A.

It’s a different world when you’ve been ripping off the global community for 80 years.

Now that’s funny. All the beautiful steeds/mares with solid Arabian bloodlines they come to Kentucky to buy a horse.

Sorta like shunning the royal Arabian king stag to buy Mr. Ed. :open_mouth: :laughing:


Hmmm, now filed LAX-MCO after just a 2 hour stop.

Disneyland + Disneyworld ??

And it’s then going right back to LAX: … /KMCO/KLAX

Forgot the hookers…

Depending on who is on board…I’d say that is a good guess. Back in the day…yes I have dealt with the royals and the Saudi SP’s…WHERE EVER and WHEN ever they want those a/c they get them…it to me is pretty funny. :wink:

It has just left LAX again, headed for Portugal. … /KLAX/LPFR

I meant to ask, does anyone know which SP it was HZ-AIF, HZ-AIB? Just curious, tks :wink:

According to, it was HZ-AIF.

Tks…you know I should have checked there

A flight plan has been filed for SVA7789 from OERY to KJFK: … /OERY/KJFK

(I’m liking these new alerts, btw).

It is enroute to JFK and LAX today … /OERK/KEWR