747SP at Sea-Tac?

In the windows live search map of sea tac airport next to the Asiana 777 in South Satellite their appears to be a 747sp. can anyone identify this.

It’s either South African Airlines or Saudi Arabian Airlines. Probably the Saudi one since the South African one was apparently retired two years ago.

Going by the letter count, it’s Saudia Arabian.

Please provide links in the future to make it easier for people to find what you are talking about. The link is maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&F … &encType=1 (click on “share” above the map/photo to get the link).

If it’s Saudia it would be a Royal Flight. What is the date on the picture?


The copyright date shows 2008, but gives no indication of the date the photo was taken. I looked at my town on the east side of the country, and the image shown is at least a year old - maybe even 18 months.

In fact, when I take my glasses off I can read Saudi Arabian on the side of the fuselage.8)
Google maps is right up to date too…the view of my house is two years old.


I’d be curious as well…there was a SV SP at IAD this past Sunday 12/28…no shocker there. The Royal family comes to town frequently. Damn I hated loading the SP back in the day.

Im sorry i wasn’t sure how to get the link.

You can always try the address in the address bar.

By the way, that message wasn’t directed at you alone. It’s always good and considerate to your readers if you include a reference so they don’t have try to find it.

I could ALMOST make it out. I could see “S” as the first letter of the first word, and “A” as the first letter of the second word. That just happens to fit both airlines.

Now as I look closely, and have examined it several times, I can plainly see “Saudi” as the first word! :smiley:

Yep I see Saudi Arabian over the wing then a bunch of squiggly jiberish forward of that.

Wazzu u live in the state. Any idea what he was in seattle for?

No but I might go out to see it! This sounds pretty cool.

the map is outdated…sorry

Yeah! I just took a look at it and saw that the new 16L/34R was still under construction.

Dude he lives in Yakima that not a suburb of Seattle

Not yet, give it a another couple of decades…

The local news in my town includes news from all the citys in the state i didn’t know.

CLT that is true here too. Not knowing when the plane was there I have no idea. When I lived in Seattle I would see an occasional motorcade with govt/ss limos going to/from PAE. Boeing and some of the richest people in the world draw a lot of dignitary and royalty visits that don’t receive coverage from the news.

World Economic forum a few years ago?