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I saw it again when it flew back to BFI 10ish miles south of my house. It almost looks like an A380. It is HUGE (and noisy). Boeing 876 heavy has been flying over my house for the past 2 weeks. But because it’s either broken or overcast in Seattle, it’s the first time I’ve seen it airborne. …And I think Seattle is scheduled to get 10 days of rain (which means more broken or overcast skies). So I probably won’t see BOE876 anymore. :cry:

If you’ve had some cool/interesting fly-overs, let’s hear them.

Note: Aliens or the like are not permited because they are not fixed/rotary wing flying objects.


Horribly backlit, but taken from my back yard back in March. MHT’s runway 6/24 was closed for lengthening/repairs the next day. It just opened up a few days ago. I live 3/4 mile from the threshold and about 100 yards off the centerline.


Ooh yay self-plug time :slight_smile:
We get lots of interesting stuff here around KBWI-
Terrible quality, but this is a Travel City Direct B743 departing BWI on a charter. Taken from my house about 20 miles from the airport with a 500x1000mm lens.
Air France diversion from PHL.
Not amazingly interesting, but aircraft landing on runway 28 go very low over my house before turning onto final. Rwy 33L was closed for work a little while ago so I got lots of 28 traffic over my backyard.
I get IAD traffic on the Atlantic tracks as well. All of these are shot with a 500x1000mm lens. This is SVA34 KIAD-KJFK-OEJN.
B-17 headed to Washington for some airshow thing in Arlington.
USAF C-5 probably from KDOV.
UPS B747-100 SDF-EWR.

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Oh almost forgot these!
Maybe someone knows what is going on here. I swear on my life, these are not photoshopped. My dad watched this as well. These are two CO 757s probably en route to EWR. They moved very close to each other, it was a little scary-

If anyone knows what is going on here, please let me know. I’m very interested in it. Is this normal operating procedure?

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Telephoto optical illusion.

They’re probably on a similar flight path, probably the DYLIN2 approach if you took these near BWI, and they’re probably a few thousand feet separated vertically.


Thanks for the quick reply Newark!
Do you know how to find the flightpaths for a certain location (like you found DYLIN2)? I would like to spot the Aeromexico 772 that makes its way over on what another spotter called path J41. Do you know where to find these at?


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No problem. J41 is a jetway, so think of it as a highway in the sky, a certain path that jets enroute take while in cruise. You would need to see an IFR enroute chart to view these, and there aren’t any really good ones online available. Google “free ifr chars” or something like that and you should get some mediocre chart viewers.

As for DYLIN2, it one of the STAR’s (Standard Terminal Arrivals) for EWR. The STAR’s and other procedures for different airports are available here on FA on an airport’s respective info page. Here’s the EWR page, and you can see the DYLIN2 link towards the bottom. Some can be hard to read, but you can make out the route that leads planes from Virginia, over DC and Philly and towards EWR.

Hope that helps a little. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Newark! I will look into it.
Sorry for hijacking your thread CessnaCitationX!

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Does anyone else have anymore pictures like these I loved them all and the stories behind them. I know that there are websites for picture like this but to me it’s my 4th home on here so it makes me feel like I was there when these pictures where taken. PEACE OUT


This is the view I get of planes flying over my house. They are in the EWR approach, usually at about 5,000 feet. Keep in mind these photos were taken <200mm.

CO 777

PrivatAir 737


I have a ton of photos from overflights and things.
Here’s some more. Hopefully no one’s computer overloads :slight_smile:
D-ABTB enroute as DLH419 IAD-FRA.
D-ABTB after passing through a cloud. I like this shot.
UPS B763 in the new colors routing SDF-EWR.
FedEx MD11 MEM-EWR. Lots of EWR cargo traffic.
VIR22 en route IAD-LHR. A346+evening light=beautiful!
AFL318 IAD-SVO. This one sucks but Aeroflot never leaves on time so I felt good to have gotten one where they actually left at 7:30, even if the picture is terrible :slight_smile:

There’s more on my photobucket at

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No biggie! My shot of the B744 LCF was taken with a Cannon A520 at 14x zoom. 50 ISO, F8.0, speed like 1/60. To get good pics you gotta get really close. Aircraft at 16,000 ft don’t get good quality at all. Well, you guys saw the shot.


I feel your pain Citation. The pictures of the cruising aircraft are taken with a Quantaray 500x1000mm super-telephoto-rocket-monstrosity lens that shakes like you wouldnt believe. The lens is mounted on a Nikon D50. I usually end up taking 5-10 pictures of the same subject and choose the one that is the sharpest. Then I’ll crop and do whatever I need to. Either way, it gets the job done :slight_smile:
BTW, nice shot of the 747LCF. Must be quite a sight seeing that beast cruise over!

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How much money did the “super-telephoto-rocket-monstrosity lens” cost you? It’s pretty cool! Oh ya. It’s very cool to see it fly, just amazing. Kinda like an AN124. I was looking at the A/C on and saw how HUGE they are. I can get a teeny tiny bit better quality by zooming less and croping more. But, it was at 16,000ft. This is what I usually get with my camera.

SAS937 A340-300 from Kastrup.

737 in its “green” paint. Look closely!

  1. Does anybody want to guess what airline this is?

B772. I got this one while on the freeway (518) just south of BFI.


Wow these are all great!!! Everyone keep up the good work 8)


Turkish Airlines? That’s a tough one, especially since you’re in Seattle, where it could be ANY Boeing customer. :confused:


Hey Citation,
The super telephoto actually wasn’t all that much. This is it-
They lowered the price from when I bought it as well.

BTW the unidentified 737 does like like Turkish to me but I’m not completely sure.

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Would it fit on my camera lens? (Note: If this is a dumb question it’s because I only know a little bit about cameras. :blush: )


The Canon A520?
'Fraid not.