Dedication of my 750th post.

Ta da!!!

(Aperture mode, Nikkor 55-200VR @ 200mm, 125 ISO, f/5.6, 1/1000sec, EV -2/3)

I looked out my bedroom window this afternoon (facing NW), giving me a great view of GLASR7 arrivals into SEA/BFI, and noticed moon had risen right smack in the middle of where GLASR7 traffic is usually vectored. On clear days I always have my camera out and ready to shoot at a moments notice because every once in while, an An-124, AF2, Emirates 777-300 Boeing test flight, C-17 from TCM, or Dreamlifter will grace the skies at 3000-5000 AGL. Sure enough, I saw a jet flying straight toward the moon. I was quite lucky to have Scandi 937 (A343 from EKCH/CPH) fly by as earlier as 5:50 PM. It normally gets in a lot later. This picture is a dream come true.

Are you going to change your name to Cessna 750? Congrats!