Strange Iceland Air track?


Noticed this in the pattern over the Seattle area today. Any ideas why it would do this loop?


I’d guess sightseeing or post-mx checkout.


I believe they have the blended winglets installed at Kelowna. Probably a test flight. Might as well circle the factory where there are a few less mountains and lots of runways to divert.

Conspiracy theory: it’s not really Icelandair, it’s another C-32A. 8)


Why didn’t you PM me about that! :imp:



I try to keep a site of mine up to date with this kind of stuff as I see it:

Seattle Planespotters

I’m really the only person who uses it though there are apparently lurkers, but I figure someday it might pick up steam.

This flight, as far as I can tell, didn’t dip below FL11000 so I didn’ t make a note of it there, I usually just make note of stuff actually landing at KSEA/KBFI/KPAE of interest.

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Your site is too wide.


thanks for the tip. I’ve tweaked to render properly for a 1024 pixel wide display

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Hey James, maybe your monitor is too narrow. This could be your chance to sell the wife on that 60" Plasma TV/monitor!