Thanks for zoom ferature.

Thanks guys for the Zoom feature for individual flight maps!

wow. That’s a nice one guys!

It’ll make counting the loops which inexperienced pilots make as they wait to land in CYYT a lot easier (foggiest city in Canada).

I recall one night ACA*** from CYHZ was doing loop after loop over Conception Bay waiting to land. Just as that was happening, ACA1198 flew straight by and put it down.

The CYHZ flight did in total, about 3 loops, attempt then another 5 or 6 (1198 landed then) and then CYHZ flight flew back to Halifax lol.

sorry for the threadjack, but yeah. Great feature, keep 'em coming.


Whooooooa! Was looking at VPCEB and noticed the controls. Couldn’t belee mine eyes. Twas a feeture i thawt wud nevar cum. Thankyer, thankyer.

Lol, if I was a passenger on the CYHZ flight I’d say “Hurry up and put this thing down you pansy!”

Yes, the new zoom feature is very nice… Great work Flightaware !!