Canadian map and Zoom out



I found this marvelous site and I use it often for observation and as an Acars enthusiast. As I’m in Province of Quebec in Canada, I would like that you had a good Canada map as the US one. Also, when viewing an airport activity, it would be fun to be able (along with the Zoom feature so asked) the Zoom out feature for being able to track all the flight decoded in Acars so for at least 200-250 miles around. Also could it be possible to zoom not just on an airport but anywhere on the map? Finally it could be a good thing to see all the other airports in a map, not just the one selected.

Continue your excellent job,



We’re working on getting a detailed global map. Map zooming, re-centering, and displaying other airports are all in the works.


Any updates on this?

Even showing the outlines of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River would be a help.

It looks very strange when a flight to a Canadian airport shows the plane flying into a void!


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I just wanted to say Thank You to damiross, JHEM and pika100 for their intelligent and oh so helpful replies.


Sarcasm…I like it!

As far as a helpful relpy, here ya go, and you won’t get the typical “search” or “check the FAQ” reply…

I am going to go out on a limb, and if I am wrong or close to being right, I know that Daniel and Mark will let us know, and say that until they can get total global coverage (tracking abilities), there really isn’t much need for a detailed map of the globe or Canada (no offense). Last time I checked, FA can only get a very limited number of tracks from Canada, however, I think the last update on that said they were really close. When that happens, I am willing to bet that you will get your detailed map.

On a side note, don’t leave yourself so wide open. Those Canada jokes were way too easy. :slight_smile:


The question was answered by Mark in reply #2…from that point on it’s open season for punchline poachers!


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