Canadian Flights & international

I just joined and can not find Canadian airports and flights quickly. Is FlightAware just for americans.

Read this, it will answer lots of questions:

Thanks, It is a shame that the programme is so limited. I was hopping that it would replace what I am using now which covers all North American but does not track overseas flights. Oh well. :frowning:

The FAQ is a bit dated, our Canadian coverage is actually quite good these days. You find flights in Canada the same was as the US, by entering the airport code or flight number in the boxes to the left.

The Air Canada fleet shows quite a few flights north of the border and has links to most of the major airports.

Yes, mduell, Canadian coverage is quite good. I use it often to track Canadian flights or, more often, flights between the US and Canada.

I know it has been said before (by myself as well as others) that it would be really nice if the maps could be extended to show Canada.

We think so too, but we haven’t found shapefiles for Canada yet like these available for the US.