Some Canadian thoughts and bugs...


First of all, I love the site. I’m Canadian Flight Service and I know many controllers and specialists use this tool for personal use. Keep in mind many sites are not RADAR equipped, so it’s interesting to see who’s flying on by.

In fact, this tool often shows inbound aircraft hours before we know about it…I check it before I leave for work.

The bugs: Some Canadian airports have ancient TAFs listed (CYEG, CYMM). Most airports have no TAFs, which I’m guessing is normal.

Overall in Canada, Flightaware is usually +/- 20 minutes on arrivals and departures. It seems to miss maybe 10% of all flights entirely…which I’d consider entirely practical given it’s just for fun.

A related bug is no Canadian Medevacs appear to be tracked at all. They are tracked when they are not carrying their Medevac designation…but not when they are actually a Medevac.

Keep on the good work…hopefully Canada will be officially supported someday. :slight_smile: