Google Maps

I’d like to suggest the option to overlay the route flown over Google Maps, or at least add some detail to the great blue void on the current map that is Canada. I know that Canadian flights are outside of the officially supported region of the USA, but every Canadian flight I’ve tracked seems to be perfectly plotted.

Thanks for the great site!

Woops, should have searched a little harder for previous requests…

More detail for Canada on the current maps would be great. Something with a lot more map detail and map controls, like Google Maps, would be even better.

ya it would be nice if they would use google maps interface with pan, zoom the hole works it would really nice.

Add another “yes” vote for that. Maybe a little button in the corner of the map could take the ‘position graphics’ layer of the map or a flight track, open a corresponding Google Earth map, and overlay it there. It wouldn’t be at all onerous to require that one must have already downloaded Google Earth for the feature to work.

It seems that almost from the first day I started posting in the discussion, FlightAware has been working on a pan/zoom map interface. The achievement of this goal seems to be as remote now as it was then. Google Earth has already (nearly) perfected the pan/zoom interface. Why not take advantage of it instead of having to re-invent the wheel?