Google Earth Functionality


I propose a sticky thread that the moderators and/or other people working on FlightAware / Google Earth functionality can update on at will.

I’d like to know where people are at with add ons, what’s available for download, and generally how we can play with Google Earth with FlightAware :wink:




One of our users (bluzhound) has a script to do it for a single flight in the past; perhaps he can post it.


It was seeing that post that prompted mine, actually… seems there’s a lot of talk about Google Earth on here, just curious what we can do with it at this point :slight_smile:



I did sucessfully create a script for graphing to GE unfortunately its written for bash (a linux shell) so most people wont be able to use it, directly.
For people interested in the code, its actually fairly simple using only a couple programs (gawk and lynx). Let me know if you want a look.
I managed to put this script and a small collection of flight folowing tools I often use onto a web site. Everyone is welcome to use it.
Bluzhounds Tools


bluz, I tried to to use your page to transfer a flight track to GE. I entered the flight number in “Search a Flight” and clicked on the “Google Earth 3D” button. That caused a ‘.php’ file to be downloaded to my desktop. However, when I try to open that file from GE, GE reports “This file format is not supported by Google Earth”.

What do you do next?


Thats odd, I didnt catch that because for some reason my google earth could read the php files. I fixed it to sending back a .kml file instead. Can anyone confirm that the page is working as I really only have this machine to test it on?


Congrats on a great tool for aviation. I can’t seem to put your script into my page yet but have used the Google earth to look at traks from several of my friends airplanes.

If you know of any other sites that have GE track .kml engines for FA would you please forward to

Thanks again


I also had trouble tracking my last few flights with .php files. Now that you have switched back to .kml files, I am tracking perfectly with GE again.

Thanks for your diligence.


Don’t flame me for posting this, but I noticed a 3D flight tracking here:

I’ve never signed up or tried it. Don’t even know if it’s free or not.


I think to get the best out of it, it might cost money but i don’t like that at all.