Integration to Google Earth


One interesting feature I would like to see implemented is to have a link to kml/kmz file for track log to be able to see it in Google Earth.


I would agree. I’d also love to see the ability to copy a flight plan route into GE and see the overlay.


I agree this would be the best addition to the site yet! Maybe some have seen the website called WeatherBonk. It was atken advantage of Google Earth to pinpoint personal weather stations on maps through an applett in the website. If FlightAware could do this I would be so so so happy!



On a related note, you can track VATSIM aircraft on Google Earth now. Just download the .kml file from to view.

VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation) is a free service that allows people to fly online (Microsoft FS or XPlane) with online Air Traffic Controllers. See for more information.


N928J, that VATSIM looks cool! Thanks for the link. Although I’ll be using X-plane thankyouverymuch :smiley: