FBO Web an Google Earth, is it new?


Tracking COA1620 to KHDN in google earth LIVE via FBO Web. Impressive an 3D, up the min tracking. Will FlightAware be able to match this…?
I know this place is still growing an expanding…keep up the good work!

FlightAware is still my #1 source to Route Analysis an tracking!


Having read what you said, I went to FBO Web to track AAL2069 (KDFW/KSLC), while tracking with FlightAware.

You say “Impressive an 3D, up the min tracking. Will FlightAware be able to match this…?”

FBO was reporting the flight 84 miles toward its destination. FlightAware said 89 miles. For “up to the min” tracking, it seems that FlightAware is indeed matching FBO Web. FBO Web data probably has to be delayed as much as FlightAware’s does.

There is a difference in flight maps. FBO Web has a “Local Overview” with larger cities and county boundaries posted. That’s nice to get a better feel of where the plane really is.

“Tracking COA1620 to KHDN in google earth LIVE via FBO Web.” How are you linking flight paths to Google Earth?



fboweb.com/cob/google.asp?ai … htnum=1625

The middle to the right you will see "NEW! Track this flight in 3D via Google Earth! Left click an SAVE AS! Save it as KML file type.

Then open it with google earth!!!

If you do not save it as a KML file then it will not work, I am currently tracking COA 1625


How’d you find that page? I’m trying to track another flight, but it looks nothing like that, and I have no Google Earth option.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. I wonder why it doesn’t save as a KML? Why bother having the feature. :confused:

FlightAware is still better, mainly because they provide the route. I like having that to mirror in MSFS (FS9).


Okay, this is creepy. It actually updates the track in GE. Couple of issues though. I’m getting a SkyWest and America West flight nearby. Also, you can’t zoom in very much. Not that you’d see anything, but I’d like to be able to zoom into the terrain more.


I can pan, zoom turn an etc… without a problem all within GE. Even on the ascent the yellow track shows it in 3D…pretty snazzy. I wish I coul post pictures here…I would post what I see within GE. I’m actually getting used to this GE LIVE tracking thing…

I do agree with you on the “Save As,” You’de think it would default the save as KML but no. You have to do it manually.

Don’t get me wrong! I will continue to use FA for flight planning. (for MSFS) Along with the GPS actual track an altitude.

I get that particular flight view from google. For example: for Continental put in COA an the flight # (COA1625) Continental Express (BTA3153) then click on FBO Web.


Well, I can pan, zoom and move around, but the flight track is drawn really screwy. It comes up from the ground as if it’s being held by support beams. I Googled a flight plan search and saw a picture someone posted of this FBOWeb thing in action. Mine didn’t look like it with just the track.

ETA: I just did a search for a flight out of KPHX. SWA586. This is how it looks in Google Earth:


Pretty bad, considering the flight is from KPHX to KSAN. Looking at the picture it appears as though the flight took off from the mountains northeast of Phoenix, LOL The whole area below the yellow track line is kind of annoying as well. It’s a nice idea, but not really rendered very well, since it’s not lined up with the terrain. Plus if you zoom in to even the aircraft altitude, it messes up the track.


Yea, The yellow track is only the last 10 - 15 mins. Not sure on the time just guessing. (It’s not the origin to present) How did you get those other Southwest flights in there? Did you have to do it manually by each flight?

I find it strange that when you goto the FBO site that it doesn’t give you the option to GE the flight, you have to go through google to get the GE option?


You’re going through Google? I’m confused on how you’re doing that or what you mean.

I just use this link: http://www.fboweb.com/fb40/s/tr/qt.aspx and when it displays the flights, it gives the GE Save option, as long as the flight is airborne. For some reason, entering a flight into the main page on that site doesn’t give the GE Save link. Really screwy.

I never entered any of the other flights. All those America West, Southwest, and Mesa Airline flights just appeared on their own. :confused:


I played around with FBO/GE this afternoon with a COA flight from Steamboat Springs CO to Houston Bush. I put the FOB “Local Overview” on the left side of the monitor and GE on the right. Then I started to play with the zoom settings of each. I could get town names and major highways on the FOB side and tilted terrain on the GE side. Then I’d watch each one update positions.

GE lagged FOB by about 20 seconds or so. That wasn’t (imo) a negative, because it gave me the opportunity to move my mouse cursor to the anticipated new position on GE and see how large my position error was. My GE aim improved considerably in the half-hour or so that I was doing that. The only problem was that I had to manually advance the GE terrain so that the plane wouldn’t fly beyond the south border.

I think it can be tricky getting comparable zoom settings between FBO and GE. The second annoyance is that the KML file that is downloaded from FBO has a coded name in which the flight number is not apparent. I was really hoping that, once saved, I could rename the file with appropriate flight number and avoid even having to open FBO. Evidently, that is not to be.

Overall FBO/GE tracking is a neat toy, but it grabs too much of one’s attention and there’s no way to speed up the tracking. Still, it IS fun!