Flight numbers in Google Earth


Im a newbie using FlightAware on Google Earth,i need to know what means number like 11 v 115 under flight number .Thanks.


Altitude 1100 ft
Ground speed 115 knots

You’ll see this explicitly if you go to the Flight Track section for any aircraft still en route.


I would like more info on this. How does this work? Is there a place in Google earth to access FlightAware or do you start from Google earth? :exclamation:


I know you can use FBOweb with Google Earth, don’t know about FA.


I wrote a quick script a bit back that generates a flightpath in Google Earth from FA data here. Just enter the FA flight ID in the bottom text box and click the ‘Googke Earth 3D’ button, it should return a file which is readable by GE.


Very cool. Nice job. Would be a fun tool to use in flight!


bluzhound, I really like your script! Great job! Really shows the inconsistancies in reported altitude, though.

To everyone else: if you haven’t tried this one yet, you should give it a shot. And if you haven’t played with Google Earth yet, you should definately try that out, too.


:smiley: Bluzhound, Finally got around to looking at this. Way cool!!! Only thing is a flight in progress doesn’t load the whole flight if you are watching it’s progress. Must have something to do withthe way flightaware works though. I will definitely play with this though. :wink:


That is because the flight is still in progress, you can’t see the whole flight because it hasn’t happened yet. The end of the line you see is where the airplane is (nearly). If you watch it, you will see a new segment pop up every minute or so as the flight continues.


bluzhound, Nice improvements on the GE script. Do you think you will ever do one that loads all inbounds to a given airport. That would be interesting to watch. Wonder if that would tax the FA servers too much?



does this work in real time? I opened a file in GE that I downloaded from bludzhound’s site. The only thing I got was a strange 3 dimensional line but it didn’t actually go along with the progress of the flight. Was I doing something wrong? Just wondering :confused:


It works in real time (minus delay) for me, but that’s all I know for sure. Can’t really say what it’s doing for you.

A couple of things to watch for:
Make sure that you are watching a flight that is actually enroute. It’s easy to accidentally specify one that has not departed or has already landed. If it has already landed, you might see it’s last path. When you enter the flight number, you can click “Track Flight” and that will open the flight in FA and you can be sure you have the one you want. If it is AND it is enroute, then click “Google Earth 3D” and it will load into GE.

Make sure you see the flight listed in GE’s “Places” window under Temporary Places and make sure you check the box next to the flight. It will probably NOT be checked at first.

When viewed in GE, a flight will often appear to start/end a few miles from the airport. This is mostly due the the lack of precision in the radar data and coordinates possibly not aligning exactly right in GE.

If the flight is actually enroute, you should see it’s path and that will look like it is up on stilts, which is it’s altitude. I’m guessing that’s the line you mentioned.

Expand the entry in the “Places” window by clicking the little triangle to the left and you will see the next line says "Flight "xxxxx where xxxxx is the flight you are watching. That should have a little folder icon with a green ball on it. Watch the green ball and it should change to yellow and move side-to-side every 60 seconds when the path is refreshed. Each time that happens you should probably see another segment of the flight appear IF you checked everything else above and the flight is actually enroute.

If that doesn’t work, you’re on your own. That’s all I know to check.


BTaylor has it right 100%.

It is in realtime as far as FAs data is conserned. The placemark is set to refresh every minute so you should see it hop after a refresh.

What you should see when you load the flight in GE is a small icon with the ident and a “trail” of the last 3 previous positions. These correspond to the “tail” and “xxx1234” checkmarks (in the placemark) that should be automatically loaded. The other checkmark/box named “Flight Path (xxx1234)” is not automatically loaded. It is the entire path flown since takeoff. I disabled this from loading because the sky can get pretty cluttered when tracking many flights into an airport.

If you dont get any of this, check to make sure the ident is correct first by clicking the “Track Flight” button on the website, as BTaylor suggested. If you get the icon on the GE map and its not moving, zoom in and change the view angle to check its altitude, it mave have alread landed.

BTaylor, Im sure I can add an option to watch an entire airport soon. Thats a great idea. In the mean time you can create a Folder in My Places of common flights you track and move them over from temporary places. Right now im working on interpolating the FA data to produce a more smooth flight path but I cant see that being done until schools out.



My browser tries to append “.php” to the downloaded script. I know enough not to open it with that extension, but others may not.

Also, would it be possible to include the VORs and intersections in your display. Many of the VORs are visible in GE. Here are the coordinates for Colts Neck (COL) 40.3116594/-74.1597667

Thanks for a great extension to FA.


BT and bluzhound!

That sounds great. I guess I just didn’t know what I was looking at. I will check it out with those things you told me to check and get back here “forthwith”. Thanks a lot. This is too cool.
:smiley: :smiley:


BT an Bluhound!

That is too Cool!!
It works just as advertised.
I’m watching my Mom, Sister, Niece and Nephews flight as I write this.
Really great.
:smiley: :smiley: :exclamation:


I’m glad you got it working in time for such a significant flight! As you have found, you can do some cool things in GE, like move your viewpoint around and look at the flight from various perspectives. Don’t forget to save the track so you can show your family later. Of course, don’t feel bad if they just look at the line, scratch their heads and say “Oh, that’s nice dear…”. :slight_smile:


WOW i just tried it thanks for telling everyone but has anyone ever tried more then on plane you know have them all in the place box and have them all checked off???


On anyone elses GE when you track a flight does a bunch of lavender lines apear all over the place??? on mine it does and i don’t know how to get rid of them i don’t have any of the roads,terrain,and things like that checked so its not that any idea???


Love the script!! One thing I am wondering is if a plane has multiple legs in the same day, will GE cancel out the old leg and begin the new one without restarting GE or do I need to close GE and restart it?

EDIT: Nevermind…question just answered itself!!!