What new feature do you think should be added?

What new feature do you think should be added? :confused:

All the above!!

I don’t think there’s any way to determine which runway, at least for landing. That would be something that changes as the tower makes decisions about final approach, as would TRACON. It can change with the wind, literally.

A zoom and/or pan feature would be cool. I believe the roads are already there on the map, but they aren’t marked.

I also like the aircraft filter idea.

I like the idea of having filters fo rhte real time map display (by n-number, aircraft type, owner (ie watch the FedEx push live) altitude, etc.)
Weather overlay would be great!
Ability to play back near real time (i.e. movie of last 1, 2, 8,12, 24, 48 etc hours of traffic)
tracks, predicted tracks would be neat, especially if the filter has a limited number of airplanes showing.

NEXRAD weather overlay is already implemented and you can expect high resolution NEXRAD in the next week.

Everything you describe is in the works and very close although playback isn’t as close to deployment.

This news is absolutely outstanding!

And just think, I could have saved that seventy bucks I spent on Flight Tracker 6!

Email alerts when an aircraft files a plan, or an airport alert when an aircraft files a plan to or from that airport would be nice :laughing:

Yes this would be a useful tool.

For example, I like to track all BOE callsign movements at PAE, BFI and RNT but with other trackers you can only create an alert for ANY aircraft filing a plan/departing TO that airport which is really annoying for 2 reasons:

  1. I don’t want an alert every time a piece of tin files a plan/departs to one of the airports; I only want the 737’s/747’s/767’s/777’s
  2. As Boeing’s are delivered FROM PAE, BFI etc, an alert for when an aircraft departs TO the airport isn’t much use, as they’re leaving, not arriving :unamused: .
  1. Since we can only save up to five a/c it would be nice to save more than five. In my circumstance I would like to save ten a/c , 5 for part 91(tail #) and 5 for Part 135 (commercial flight #).

  2. Add MSN instant messanger

  3. Im not sure how the aol messenger works or if you will get msn messenger, but getting a message stating when a flight has departed, half hour before it arrives(or a custom setting to change the time inertval), and arrived.

Yes, All of the Above.
I would especially love the runway data and faster updates. It makes it a little difficult now when I’m watching real time out my window to my airport, and also makes it tough on airport webcams…real time and runway data would fix that… I like the idea of email alerts too.
Glad to hear that a lot of this is already in the works. :smiley: :smiley:

This may have been mentioned, but besides the above,
I am frustrated by the ID blocks that are suppressed because
a track is too close to another. Is there any way to allow clicking
on one to find out what it is, perhaps at the expense of others
you are not then viewing? Along with this, zooming in to about
a 20-40 miles screen when tracking an individual flight (or airport)
rather than the present 150-mile-wide airport screen or the default
entire route of the flight as an alternative would be nice. Keep up
the good work. -Jan in Iowa

Hi, N0AAA. Those requests/features are on the way.

They’re all good though probably the biggest one for me would be zoomable map.


The absolute #1 thing for me is zoomable maps, followed by improved placement/rendering of flight info blocks. I live in very crowded airspace (SF Bay Area) and most of the time, in the vicinity of SFO and OAK (which are close to each other), all I see are tracks with no info block since approaches and departures from the airport are so closely crowded together.

Even farther out, info blocks are often missing as flights being set up for approaches by ATC often are placed on the same track, which makes it difficult for the map rendering algorithm to find a place for the info blocks.

Beyond that… is there any prospect of improving the 6 minute delay? Is it imposed for (theoretical) security reasons, or is it a technical issue?

about the info blocks, I would say that if the map was zoomable that would eliminate most of that problem of missing info blocks. Because the flights would be more spread out due to the map scale being larger.


Beyond that… is there any prospect of improving the 6 minute delay? Is it imposed for (theoretical) security reasons, or is it a technical issue?

In replies on other Forums, FlightAware staff have responded that the delay is a security issue, not a technical issue. FlightAware could present the data in ‘live’ mode, but it would have to guarantee that it would block access to that data to those of us who do not have appropriate security clearance. FlightAware has chose to give us all a single data stream, rather than dual streams with a screening process as to who can access which stream.

It’s even more restrictive than that; a background check or security clearance would not be sufficient. To get the realtime feed you need to be an airline, regional air carrier, air taxi operator, aircraft owner, flight operation center, government user, or professional flight planning service provider. Some FA users may meet those requirements today, but the paperwork overhead is massive so everyone gets the same info for now.

Real time tracking in an internet environoment? Ain’t no such thing as far as I’m concerned. Before I found this awesome site, I subscribed to Flight Tracker 6 and even this service suffers from data lags of 3 to 5 minutes. Of course it is possible that my bargain basement subscription does not include the features available in the “Gold” version, but I’m pretty sure most are included.

Good day all,
No doubt about it: this is the Premier flight tracking interface I have used so far. Count me in for the long haul. I would wonder if and when we are going to see the “kitchen sink” feature as indicated when we register. I also cannot wait to see and click on the “luggage tracker” button which I am sure is in the works.
Seriously, I am at CYFC and I manage a great many itineraries at a major Government HQ. FlightAware is a tremendous help to me every day, and I thank the team for putting it together and keeping it going. Bring on the upgrades and enhancements: we can’t wait!
PK in NB

Not only are we soon to get the “kitchen sink” and “luggage tracker”, but I’m sure it’s in the works to give us all the luggage/cargo x-rays as part of ‘flight tracker’.