Map Scrolling


i said this before but i didn’t get a response. Maybe in the future you can scroll on the map that way if something is being cut of you can see the rest of it by scrolling. And say if your following a flight but your not familier with the airport codes in some small town place you can just scroll to the place were the plane is located. Please get back to me


If you asked already then why didnt you just post again in the same topic instead of creating a new one? The map scrolling and map zooming are going to be added sometime in the future. Search the forum and you will see many posts about this.


i didnt want to post it in the last one i wanted people to see this one. :smiling_imp:

i dont feel like looking for it from the past topic. Whatever


Good forum manners are requested here.

You might not be aware of this, so I wanted to let you know that you should always add to an existing thread on a subject rather than start a new one on the same topic. When you post to the existing one it pops to the top so people will see it again. If you don’t feel like looking for it, then why should anyone feel like replying?

Also, proper punctuation helps make your post much more readable.



sorry for being like that but i still havn’t got an answer do you think its a good idea or not.


Map panning and zooming will be enabled in the not distant future. That will resolve your issue.


Okay thnks for telling me. :smiley:


I know your working on map zooming but i just got a good idea for it also check out this weather site and type in were you live and click on the radar you can form a box around an area you want to get a closer look at and you can zoom out. If you could do the samething with the FA that you be perfect.

Please look at this and if other people like this idea or have other opinions on this tell me about it.


I think Google Earth would be a good model for map pan/zoom. I like the way that works on GE.

If FA could somehow integrate GE (licensing arrangement?) and then provide flight mapping as various combinations of layers on top of the GE base, it would be wickedly powerful. The mouse scroll wheel, also, is a powerful tool for zooming in/out.

I don’t particularly want to zoom down to see houses on a flight map, but GE can show a fine network of roads and also name labels on cities and towns. Airports is another selectable feature layer. Just add the Kxxx airport codes on top of that. Magic!


How are the Maps coming along?? Are you looking at map zooming? Because looking at heavy traffic at big airports its hard to get a scense of what it truly looks like (the traffic).


Chill on the maps…

They will get here when they get here. Quit pressing. I am sure these guys have it on their list SOMEWHERE. Doubtful it is at the top though.


Judging from past requests, I’m confident that daniel, mark, et al. will have the map features updated before too long.


I’m not in a hurry it was just a question. So maybe you should chill. :wink:


The idea of a radar box has been discussed before by Tobyz1 and once I understood the mechanics it seemed a good idea … highlight=

I think it would be a nice feature too.

And, with map enhancements anybody feel the need for level filters on the map?
Filter out low level planes for those wishing to see big high jets (oceanics in my case) or filter out the high flyers to allow the lower level GA pilots to see their preferred traffic? Might reduce some screen clutter.
How difficult would be the code needed for that sort of processing?


Hey I don’t know it was a thought.