History of flights


I love the new flight history just what i was looking for thanks :laughing: any news on the maps like the zooming and seeing other flights with the flight you are tracking? Please answer this i have been dieing to get and answer on this. thanks again.


I also dieing for the map zooming and pan feature. Hope thats the next feature added!



Add me for #3, but it will get done when it will get done.

When everything else at FA is so great, how can one complain when a feature takes a bit longer to develop than we (users, not FA staff) may have anticipated?


oh im not complaining i just have A.D.D (jk) but i like to get an idea of something, just like a project at school.


Murphy’s Law says that whenever a target completion date is announced, some major glitch will present itself and make the target unachievable.

I realize you weren’t complaining, but if it’s a matter we have no control over, why work yourself into having a stroke? Relax — and accept that map zooming will be here when it gets here. Just as long as FA doesn’t reverse its announced project priority for zooming is as long as I can be mellow about it.


YUP thats it i have ADD you found out. WOW i guess its hard to be sarcastic on here i just wanted an answer or maybe a idea. I’m not here all the time so its hard to find out info on a subject. Oh and yes im going to have a stroke over this how did you guess.