Steady State

Congrats on the way that FA has evolved over the last few months, you guys have been busy!
With all the change that has occurred and requests that flood in (some good some fanciful) how much of a steady robust sysyem do you reckon you have right now in terms of bugs/glitches/duff features??
Do you plan to keep building on the system to accomodate all requests or just run it straight n level for a while concentrating on the much sought after features (eh RobK) :wink:

Big thumbs up for all thats gone before


…ok…hate to respond directly to my own posts but nothing from the team.
Just curious if you had said a year ago “where will we be in April 2006” have you met your expectations or surpassed them dramatically??

I’m not in the biz of flight tracking (a rival,no - think TRACON instead) so I am not looking for negativity/bad press for you just…curious…? A lot of features are still requested/outstanding so how far do you take it for your core users - whichever group you think that might be.


The expectations for the product are definitely on target and expected. Planning & design run about 4 months ahead of production release right now and a lot of the roadmap was laid out very early on, so we’re on track with where we expected. One problem (that’s been observed) is that we often are reasonably close to a finished feature/application/product and mention it when it’s suggested publicly even though it may still be a month or two away in order to solve all the tiny glitches, implementation issues, and ensure it meets FlightAware’s standards for interface simplicity.

When I read your original post, I wasn’t sure what to reply because I couldn’t see a distinction between “keep building on the system to accomodate all requests or just run it straight n level for a while concentrating on the much sought after features” although in retrospect perhaps you were referring to infrastructure vs implementation. Either way, it’s definitely a lot of both and everyone can expect to see substantial development and new features regularly.

One thing that I don’t think anyone expected was the phenomenal rate of growth. It definitely led to a major focus on scaling/expansion vs development for a while although realistically, the two go hand in hand on some level. We have the growth rate well under control, expansion is pretty turn-key, and our hardware/datacenter expansions are generally a few weeks ahead of demand, so that’s a good place to be.

I think I may have asked this before, but it seems a good spot to bring it up again
At what rate is FA membership growing now?
How many members do we have?
On any given day, how many users are accessing the website?

Thanks and keep up the good work! As I always say, you guys are tops!

Growth rate and daily visitors really varies a lot based on notable aircraft or FlightAware mentions in the media. However, we have over 50,000 members & more than 300,000 monthly visitors.


I think that deserves a…


DBaker - thx for the comprehensive reply, looks like things are progressing very well indeed with good viewing figures!!

The straight n level aspect was more to do with all the requests for enhancements, if its anything like the system I play with one new bolt-on begat a new problem begat a new bolt-on begat a new problem etc etc.
A lot of tweaks get mentioned/requested and it seems you’ve done your very best to accommodate as much as poss. The more pax come on board the more system change could be requested but you seem to have prempted much of it…

Great that people are more aware of FA, you see lil’ snippets about it on some of the aviation forums over here though my only concern about wider publicity would be more GA operators choosing to block their tailnumbers :cry:
see also:- … ight=#5123

Cheers IN (UK)