Next Major Release?


Any idea when we can expect the next major release? You all have been hinting at many things “in the works” that just sound great!

Great site…keep up the good work!!!


You right, a lot of stuff that people write in, the staff members reply,
“in the works”,“you will see it soon”…
Anyway keep up the good great work!!! :wink:


We tend to roll out features one at a time on a regular basis rather than a whole bunch of requests. The next feature on the horizon is more availability of track data (regardless of how long the flight was) as well as the ability to selectively view the track for a past flight. Not that this will have an impact on the development of web features, but interface and look & feel changes are coming in February.

Many of the features on the way require back-end improvements that take considerable effort and are implemented without anyone noticing. Additionally, we’re having to continually scale our infrastructure to accomodate the constantly growing demand for our service. The fact that the site is continually available and generally faster on a daily basis while accomodating even more load shows how successful we’ve been at this so far.

Just last night (this morning actually, 1am CST), we rolled out version 3.0 of our behind-the-scenes tracking system that handles real time positions. It allows unlimiting scaling to various clusters of servers with the ability for any member of a cluster to join or depart the production serving network without any need to pause the position update data stream for a new member to be “caught up” on the current radar position picture. Seemingly little things like that are tremendous amounts of work and demonstrate our long term committment to robust features with high availability – and that’s the kind of peek behind the scenes that we don’t usually announce.


Thats why I love this site. The staff is always doing stuff(upgrades and what not), and they help their users out all the time. :smiley:
Thats awsome not to many sites are like this one.
To the whole flight aware staff…
keep up the good work.
You guys are doing wonders!!!


My thoughts exactly…thanks for the constant improvements…