i know when i watch a flight i always wonder what flights are in the same area as it but there won’t be any other flights unless you click on an airport radar but i don’t always know the other airpots in the area, or i don’t always feel like swiching maps all the time. What i am wondering would it be possible to have an option on the map screen to allow you to have other aircraft on the map and maybe just have them different colors so you don’t get confussed. And i asked before about being able to zoom in closer on the maps and scroll how is that coming along??? i think it would be cool to even zoom in to were you can see road or stuff like that.

??? :confused:

I think it sounds cood. That said, it’s 6pm on a Sunday and I’m the only one here and I’m not in charge of maps, so you’re gonna have to wait to hear on this one. :slight_smile:

Just checked the time…Daniel, don’t you EVER SLEEP :question: We will survive an evening without you.
Now GO HOME :exclamation: