747 at KLAS

Evening All,

I’ve given this about a week and have searched FlightAware with no answer to my inquiry.

For about a week, there has been an all white (with one red strip) 747 parked on the GA tarmac at KLAS. I’ve tried to get close to get a tail number, but hangers are blocking my access. Usually the JAL and Virgin 747’s are the only ones at KLAS.

Anyone know what this plane is for, or who the owner might be???


Is it an SP?

Sounds like the the one The Sands just bought from Ernest Angley Ministries (“Star Triple Seven”).

Yes, thats the one. Thanks!!!

I hope it is still there on Monday, I will be in Vegas on vacation this week.
I am excited about doing some spotting while there.

Its tough to see because of it’s parking spot. If you go to the north side of the “Janet” terminal complex you can get a glimpse. Also, the top floor of the passenger parking garage should give you solid vantage point.


That’s the 747SP that used to be kept at KCAK…Looked forward to seeing that when I went to the airport. :cry:

Oh well, I’m sure the Sands will put it to good use.

I sent a PM to Daniel probably a year ago about this very plane (FA had no history of an SP flying into KCAK) before I stumbled upon a picture of it on airliners.net and solved the puzzle. The plane flew humanitarian missions overseas, then returned to KCLE to clear customs, and probably flew VFR to CAK, or so I’m thinking. Earnest Angley’s ministry is headquartered in nearby Cuyahoga Falls, so it made perfect sense.

Here’s the picture I found on a.net. Interestingly enough, it was taken on the very same day that I flew into CAK and noticed its absence.

That aircraft has quite a unique history. It’s the same airframe featured in this documentary.

Wow, I don’t remember that story.

Mental Note: Don’t fly on the Sands 747

Son, you couldn’t afford to :stuck_out_tongue: . Neither could I :frowning:

That is a hell of a story!

I just taxied by it a few hours ago… it’s beautiful…base white with two subtle parallel red stripes down the fuselage, bright white wheels, spotless… Wished I could have taken a photo to post but I had my hands full running the after landing checklist.

Excuses, excuses…

A real pilot would have been able to do both! :wink:

All we need is for a FlightAware forum poster to crash into the new 747 at KLAS. :unamused:

If you’re going to hit something… hit something that’s well insured. :laughing:

I’m such an amateur…can we keep that amongst ourselves?.. :blush:

I saw this sitting at CAK with the holes covered on May 9. Took some video of it but haven’t reviewed. My 5yo daughter wanted to fly on that instead of the 717…yeah…me too!

Is the red stripe like the old TWA stripe (slightly split with white down the center line?

This is what it looked like when I saw it in May sitting at CAK.


She departed LAS this morning to SBN. Her new Sands Corp (Interface Operations LLC) registration is N992MS. At the SBN airport there is a company called Video King. They specialize in electronic gaming equipment. One could assume that this trip is its first phase of interior completion. And then on to a another facility like Associated Air Center in DAL. I would guess that she would be painted up like the rest of the fleet, a white base with blue, silver/gray…and if I remember correctly a subtle gold stripe…None of the other birds were there today for me to be sure. She is going to join the Sands Corp fleet of 1 BBJ, 1 B767-300, and 2 L1011-500’s. And according to a reliable acquaintance at Atlantic Aviation LAS that I visited with today, they are in the process of aquiring another L1011-500.

This may not be new info to alot of you but Macau, PRC has become a huge gambling mecca of high rollers with huge investments being made there by the gaming industry. As part of that investment The Sands Corp. is creating a fleet of airborne gaming experiences with high level accomodations for the nonstop flights between Vegas and Sands properties in Macau. From the info I was given the L10’s are to be used for that purpose while the BBJ and ‘Seven Six’ are used for “whale” transport. The SP is to be used for “whale” transport and Adelson family transportation.

Having a little bout of insomnia so I started some searching. The SP of topic is a former UAE government aircraft registered as A6-SMR when operated by UAE.

Then: http://www.747sp.com/viewphoto.asp?969

Now: http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5996982
sitting on the ramp at LAS

If you look closely you can see the outline of fresher white paint that now covers the UAE national flag on the tail.

The site 747SP.com has some indepth info… Here’s what they show for a history on B747SP-31 S/N 21961.


Sorry 1AJR but not the same 747.

And P4-FSH S/N 21963 is still “Star Triple Seven” of Ernest Angley Ministries.


P4 is the is the national aircraft registration prefix for Aruba…something to do with the favorable tax laws?.. :wink: