777-300 to vcv?

anybody th reg of this one?

boieng factory to victorville my guess is a paint job. unknown owner wanted paint job but boeing probably to expensive?? just a guess. looked up leading edge aviation svcs. yesterday. they have facilities at vcv for planes as large as 777 or 747.

Nothing on seattle-deliveries.com

Checked here too
but nothing came up on ACARS

Could be a test flight involving Vought but the spelling is different (VAU)?

This dicussion indicates VAU is V-Australia.

V-Australia is part of the Virgin group of airlines. They will be operating flights between the USA and Australia. They were suppose to have started late last year but delayed the start due to the economy.

Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t know anything about V-Australia.

Wikipedia says it was delivered on 01/26:


ok i still think its going for paintjob even know that is not what the question in the post asked.

diggin that paint job, looks good to me.

Went as VAU9090 instead. Reportedly VH-VOZ.

another interesting visitor to vcv retirement flight possibly?

couldnt get plane number on jal website. could it be maintenance? are 767-300’s that old

Age has little to do with it. Could be a lease they are returning. Could be a paint job but seems a little extreme. Could just be putting it on the ground for awhile because the airframe doesn’t fit the JAL’s current needs.

It looks like JAL7902 was operated by JA8235. According the a photographer on Airliners.net that took a photo of that aircraft earlier this year, JA8235 has been in storage “for more then 4 months”.

airliners.net/photo/Boeing-7 … 1469323/L/

Talk about deja vu! I was manning the SEA_CTR position as a VATSIM controller on 1/28 and a pilot came on as VAU9090 flying a 773 from KPAE to KVCV. Complete with Australian accent- talk about ‘as real as it gets’!

here is the return flight

No, here is the return flight:
flightaware.com/live/flight/VAU9 … /KPAE/KVCV

Click on the flight date (if the aircraft has departed) then copy the URL. This will give you the permanent link to a particular flight. The link you gave is for all flights under that flight ID.

As of right now, flightaware.com/live/flight/VAU9090 gives you a flight on both 31 Jan and 28 Jan. The link I gave is the return flight you are talking about.

sorry i meant to say it was arriving at vcv

AvLeak reports the trip to VCV was for “interior completion.”

yep it is possible.

another special visitor to vcv
anyone know if it was N623us or N624US
here is the flight that got it there:

dont know plane #, but delta is getting all of its 747-400’s painted in delta colors.