John Travolta's Jet

I live near CYHM and so went out to the airport and took a few pics of the 707B through the fence. That plane looks almost new. If anyone is interested I will post them as soon as I figure how cause I haven’t done that yet in this forum.



It’s sitting on the ramp in Bangor, Maine right now, I saw it there about an hour and a half ago.
I took a picture too but I dont have my camera cord with me…

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Forgive the quality, it was pouring rain and I was trying to taxi at the same time.

Stopped at BGR to clear customs after this flight

Is Travolta leasing the aircraft from Qantas or did he buy the plane outright? I thought he owned the plane.

Can he take forever to paint over the Qantas colors? It seems to be that if he doesn’t paint it expeditiously, he might be erroneously representing that the craft belongs to Qantas. Qantas’s PR spin-doctors sure don’t like that.

Actually, they love it and Travolta has permission!

That’s a fine article, JHEM. Travolta needs a real block-buster movie so that he can buy a Qantas 747. His runway will handle it, says that newspaper article.

He has also appeared with the plane at several QANTAS promotional events.

Looks like John is on the move from Hamilton to Reno…

1844 MT

Flt Level 40000 @ 404knots

It would be great to be there for the races… Heard Harrison Ford was in the area as well. Wow! What a way to spend a weekend!

Just got back this morning from the Races. 707JT sat at RNO from about 8pm on Friday until 1330 yesterday. On his way out, he did a flybe of the races at a couple hundred feet!. The F-18s were scheduled to be coming on, so when I heard a jet ocming towards me, I looked up expecting that, and there was a beautiful 707! Managed to get 3 shots off before it got out of range.

The races are a great weekend and I recommend to anyone who can get there, you have to check them out.

Is Strega racing this year? Haven’t had a chance to talk to the boys back in Shafter/Bakersfield in about 6 months. Also, heard a rumor that Wiley Sanders was going to bring Georgia Mae and/or Jeannie, Too back for the Unlimited Silver race. Any sign of either of them, and if one or both are there, who is “driving”?

Strega was there but Mayday’d out of the Gold race on the last lap. Didn’t see the others there, but I have to admit I didn’t pay as much attention to the Unlimiteds as I could have since we were hanging around the BiPlane area since that’s what my Bro-in-law was pit crew on. All in all, it was a good weekend and I’m hoping my son gets more into it next year. He was enjoying the planes by the end of the weekend, but next year he’ll be 2-1/2, so he should know more what is going on.

Thats nice to hear, let’s see 'em!

Unfortunately, he was running away from me when I was trying to get them, so here’s the best one…

There’s a smudge on the picture in the lower right hand side just above the power lines. Check your camera lens. Or, was there a UFO near the aircraft or was it Travolta’s brain trying once again to catch up with him?

I hadn’t noticed that yet… I’ll have to check the other pictures to see if this carried across everything I’ve done or if it got wiped off later on when I cleaned the lens. For this shot, it will go away when I get around to cropping since I want to lose those power lines anyway, but in other shots, it may matter more.

Looks like dust on the sensor. All of my pictures from my 300D have them these days. Have to get that cleaned.
CopperHill Images sells an assortment of cleaning supplies. SensorSwipe is supposed to be very good.

You’re overestimating the size of Travolta’s brain! It’s probably his ego flying in front of him.


I just spent 45 minutes scrubbing the monitor to get the fingerprint off of it!! …Guess I shouldn’t have beaten the children and sent them to bed with no porridge for touching Daddy’s computer…

[Note: Sarcasm was used in the previous statement, strictly for comedic effect. No children were actually harmed in the making of this posting.]