Travolta 707 last night

707 jt went into LAX last night then took back off and did a strange rout around Cal then back to LAX, wonder what that was all about. It was listed as a departure after they got in last night. Pick up for sight seeing??
be-200 drvr

Here’s the track for his plane, N707JT

Surprised he doesn’t fly a DC-8 :unamused:

Travolta is an “ambassador” for Quantas. the 707 and his gulfstream are 2 of the planes I track. has a lot of photos of the 707. He keeps both of them at his home in Ocala, Florida. It’s a fly-in community…airport code 17FL

He probably took off from and returned to KLAX. Yet the origin is shown as “PMD247009”. What’s that?

Looks like he took off again and received a popup IFR clearance. We got the flight plan and the arrival for the popup clearance, but not the departure (so the departure time is in italics).


It could be he filed from “present position” which could have been PMD 247 radial at 9nm.

No, he is not. He is an ambassador for Qantas (NO “U”).

Originally called Queensland and Northern Territory Aeriel Services, the airline used the acronym QANTAS then eventually changed it to Qantas.

Not being a pilot, ‘PMD 247 radial’ doesn’t mean anything specific to me. Is that equivalent to saying ‘on a 247 deg bearing, 9 nm out of KLAX’?

Here’s a link to the community

It has an interesting history. I think there may still be some lots available for you bucks-up FlightAware members 8)

Its a away of giving a position that does not otherwise have a name. It would be a spot 247 degees from the Palmdale VOR (PMD), 9 nautical miles out on that radial.

This method is used a lot on ATC radio and in flight planning. Its less cumbersome than using Lat/Long.

thanks for catching that damiross. I do it all the time. I’ve called it “qUantas” for years…love the koala. Somehow I always write it phonetically. Oh well, at least I don’t “hate Qantas” :wink:

You’re welcome, Skyhigh. Always been - and I don’t know why - a pet peeve to see Qantas misspelled.

That fight track looks like a maintence flight. The acft is brought in tweaked and then taken out for a spin. happens quite often.

The first thing I thought of the flight path was that Travolta was out joyriding with his friends in the 707.

A 707 full of LA Scientology HQ brass (?)

Total whackjobs.

All respect to your opinions on Scientology (I really don’t know much about them, I’m not one), I really wish you wouldn’t post comments like that here.

I would be surprised if John Travolta DIDN’T use FA, and may very likely read some of the Forum entries, especially when his name/tail number is mentioned in the topic. I’d really rather not have him or anyone else get offended enough that they decide to block their tail number. We know JT’s as crazy about flying as most of us are, so he probably finds it fun to track/be tracked. But that could stop with a simple form being filled out.

Forgive me if I’m being too sensitive, but thats probably what I would do. Thanks for understanding.


I think they call it the mile high club…