Qantas 707 (?) parked at ATL, Oct 2-6


I was way surprised to see this parked on the north side of the field as I taxied out enroute to MDW on Sat Oct 2. It was still parked there on my return tonight. I’ve looked at a few “resources” I know of but I can’t find a thing on this bird. My curiosity runs wild …


That is N707JT. John Travolta’s own 707. … 1183406/L/


Used to be trackable but after the death of his son, he had it blocked.


At the time of his son’s death, the Travolta’s Gulfstream was doing flights from it’s home base and The Bahamas - and every movement of the jet was being reported in the press. … t=travolta


Travolta’s 707 is still on the ramp at ATL as of the evening of October 22nd. I wonder why he has left it there all this time. I imagine the parking fees at ATL for a 707 have to be huge.


I imagine Travolta’s wallet is huge, too. 8)


Hurricane season?


This topic about Travolta’s 707 recurs at least once every 2 months :unamused:


That is a good point, as Travolta’s house/hangar are in Florida. One guy I know who has a large yacht is required to get it out of the Florida/Gulf of Mexico region every year during hurricane season by his insurance company.


That is a very common stipulation in insurance policies for cruising yachts, e.g. yachts not homeported in hurricane prone areas. For those yachts which call hurricane areas home underwriters will often require that the boats, depending on size and risk, be hauled out during the hurricane season, although that’s certainly no proof against storm related damage.

St. George’s Grenada after Hurricane Ivan passed through!


The 707 is no longer parked in ATL now, as of 10/31/10.


Its is in Australia now…Travolta flew it down there to celebrate the airline’s 90th birthday. … Id=1909141


Spotted at Sydney on November 7th to attend an event with Qantas. Probably back in Florida now.


I wonder if QANTAS offer any financial remuneration to Travolta for his aircraft. Do they, for example, pay parking fees, offer reduced fuel charges, provide maintenance assistance? Is he even charged airport fees when his aircraft is in Australia? What would happen to QF’s image should the 707 be involved in any incident/accident, no matter how minor? Why does QF not permit their name to adorn their former Lockheed Constellation [CONNIE] which is maintained by many former QF employees but does permit their name on his 707? Does the age of the aircraft-type depend on the extent to which QF is willing to offer support? I was interested to see a recent replay of an “Oprah” programme where, from memory, she offered a return QF flight to Australia for her guests which inferred Travolta would fly them downunder …in a QF A380!!! Who certifies Travolta [and the likes of him] when annual retraining is required for command certification to operate aircraft such as the 707?


Travolta was chosen by Qantas CEO as a Qantas ambassador-at-large.

I would assume they picked up the tab for everything including fuel on his recent trip to Australia. So far he has taken his B707 around the world 5 times!!!

Great gig if you can get it!!!


I could truly “get into” piloting my own 707 around the world all the time.