Both Planes at Trivolta's house in a while

Well according to google earth anyway. the last few times it has been changed only 1 plane was there. I also read that he was upgrading the avionics in the 707, not sure what that means, might only be adding a new gps database for all i know.

I thought He had a gulfstream… Nice planes! :wink:

Mr. Travolta has owned many aircraft, his current fleet includes;

N101PP Soko G-2 (Yugoslavian Jet Trainer)
N218EA EA500 Eclipse
N492JT Gulfstream IISP
N707JT B707-138B

Thanks rob! It would be nice to own a 707. :smiley:

Is that a fuel truck in the photo from RR’s post? Pretty cool.

Gotta fill up that big bird some way. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

it almost looks like you can see the 707 in the background from the living room picture.

After writing my last blog post about John Travoltas 707, I became interested in the history of this classic airliner. … oeing-707/

I’m surprised the Eclipse doesn’t crash getting that close to the 707.

Yep, it is. :slight_smile:

Why would it crash?

And, why does he have the Qantas paint job?

Why would it crash?

And, why does he have the Qantas paint job?

Read meek’s post for why it has the Qantas paint - good story meek.

Oh, OK.

that might be the greatest house ive ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

$$$$$$$$ :wink:

that i dont have 8)

That, my friend, I will never have! :stuck_out_tongue:

i just cut and pasted it from the net i left the link, i dont want anybody to think its my writting, its my cut and pasting tho, which im very proud of.

Im not a fan of the scientology crowd, but John sure seems to be making alot of correct turns while Tom is making alot of wrong ones. With John being in the public eye, he is at least leaving a good impression for aviation.