Flightaware - VP-BGG Falcon 7X - Vegas to Van Nuys

Flightaware VP-BGG Falcon 7X c/n 5, first production aircraft delivered.
Owned by Mr. Gilbert Chagoury Co-Founder and Chairman of The Chagoury Group based in West Africa.

Falcon’s clean wing now has a winglet!

Look who else is getting them…

Winglet-Technology.com That is a sleek looking wing on that Citation.

Falcon 7X info from Netjets who have 33 Falcon 7X on order for Netjets Europe.

Currently only 4 Falcon 7X’s have been delivered, VP-BGG was delivered from the Little Rock Completion Center on June 13/07. Flightaware note it flew Paris to Vegas direct!

Dassault has also introduced the Falcon 2000LX which has winglets.

Press Release

The funny thing about this is that although Cessna and Winglet Technology announced in September the, “Maiden Flight”, of a Citation X with winglets… Cessna has been flying and testing winglets on the X since 2004. I saw the prototype X (with winglets) at ICT in early 2004 during a production tour of the Sovereign. As I moved towards it on the ramp, I was asked to look the other way and to “not discuss what I saw please”… I guess there’s no harm discussing it now…

All those FBO’s that stack the hangar each night for tomorrows departures, wing over wing, must be horrible stacking a hangar with all those winglets. It would get a little expensive dinging them!

At alot of FBO’s, hangar rates can be higher for aircraft with winglets versus comparably sized ones without. Those with them can eat hangar space in a hurry.

Flightaware N607X Falcon 7X registered yesterday, currently enroute to Manaus Brazil from Ft. Lauderdale.
FAA Registry N607X. No idea on owner, just listed as Wells Fargo Trustee. It was delivered yesterday, flew from Little Rock to Teterboro, then Ft. Lauderdale. Like a kid with a new car!!!

01…F-WFBW…Dassault (no winglets)
04…HB-JSZ…Dasnair S.A. Switzerland…delivered
05…VP-BGG…The Chagoury Group…delivered
06…N607X…Wells Fargo Bank…delivered
07…N70FL…Flight Levels Corp. Philidelphia…delivered
08…F-WWUE…(N999BE reserved) at Little Rock
09…F-WWUF…for sale Aero Toy Store
10…F-WWUG…Little Rock AK completion center
11…VP-BAR…Little Rock
12…F-WWUI…Little Rock
13…F-WWUK…Little Rock
14…F-WWUK…sold to owner in Lebonon OD-…Little Rock
15…F-WWUL…sold to owner in Portugal CS-…Little Rock
16…F-WWUM…Little Rock
17…F-WWUN…sold to owner in Brazil PR-…Little Rock

Falcon 2000LX F-GVNG

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The N607X is brazilian and will get a national (PR-) registration on the next year. The aircraft is operated by AeroRio Txi Areo and is based at Santos Dumont - Rio de Janeiro (SBRJ/SDU).

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Greatings from Brazil.

Falcon 7X video from AIN TV.

I had a feeling it was a delivery flight to Brazil. I was surprised to see two Falcon 7X’s airbourne on Flightaware!

Here are a couple of photos of your new Brazilian 7X. First is arrival at TEB as F-WWUC in Green Primer, and at Little Rock still sporting the French delivery registration. Note: there are currently 3 Falcon 7X for sale, asking price starts at 47 Million USD.

When did that happen!


Are you going to send your avatar in for the upgrade? It will really improve your performance especially during hot and high conditions.

Cessna Citation X Makes Maiden Flight with Elliptical Winglets

Wichita, September 26, 2007 Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today that the Citation X featuring Elliptical Winglets made its maiden flight on Tuesday, Sept. 25. The aircraft left Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport at about 1:30 p.m. and returned approximately 90 minutes later. Pilots Mike Voigt and Scott Foster were pleased with the performance of the systems and instrumentation.

The aircraft flew again on Wednesday to begin collecting data to support Winglet Technology LLC’s effort to obtain FAA and EASA supplemental type certificates (STC’s) for its patented Elliptical Winglet.

Cessna and Winglet Technology engineers expect higher weight/altitude/temperature limits allowing more flexibility when operating from hot/high airports, improved climb performance that allows higher initial cruise altitudes for some takeoff weights, higher maximum cruise speeds at high altitudes, and longer range for a given payload throughout the operating envelope. The STC for the Citation X is targeted for the second quarter of 2008.

I stand to be corrected but the winglets on N99BB were, I believe, applied purely for the NBAA show - a show of concept if you will.
The a/c is a regular to UK shores and doesnt normally have them fitted, approval not due until 2008. It does make the plane look extra ‘slinky’ though! Nice.

Ian (UK)


That may explain why all the photos from the web site, have N750CX in ‘Flight’ photos, and N99BB in ‘Ground’ photos. I did note all the photos I could find of N99BB, none included the winglets.

Here is a little background on the Citation X winglets.




It’ll be one year for the present on 1/3/08. BTW: Thanks, it worked well.