Saudi 747sp heading to Rochester MN


I assume it is to the Mayo Clinic.


Probably right. I haven’t heard anything though.

John in Saudi


Yeah, there was a big story about 10 days ago about a Saudi prince or higher up in the government that was having work done. The story was how much money it was bringing the town of Rochester—literally millions because the whole entourage was buying like crazy! Renting entire hotel floors, renting eateries for the whole evening, that sort of thing…I guess Rochester is rocking because of it.
It was right after the economic summit in D.C., since I saw one of the planes headed there…


Looks like the 747SP dropped off whomever and is now enroute home. 14 hours over, 5 hours in Rochester, then 14 hours home. Surely they brough a couple of extra crews along.


They flew into there last week too. They might have left a crew behind and just swapped crews today???


Auto-throttles=Nappy time over the pond